Smoking doesn’t help you or the loved ones around you. It only helps the huge companies that sell cigarettes to grow more each day. Smokers would admit that quitting smoking isn’t an easy job. And even if you decide to quit smoking, you would return to your bad habits because most methods of quitting are not really enough to keep you determined to stay away from the addiction.  One thing is definitely required to quit smoking, a desire to quit. If you have a strong desire to quit smoking, try the below methods to get relief from the addiction of smoking.

Practice Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga and meditation have been helpful when you are making efforts to quit smoking. Yoga helps in toning the muscles and provides the oxygen essential for blood. It also removes the harmful toxins consumed by smoking by sweating them out. And while getting rid of your smoking you can get rid of your fat too. Join yoga classes and if you can’t afford to spend money on classes, learn yoga simply by getting CDs or searching the yoga videos online. Meditate after your yoga session.


Lots of chain smokers have taken help of hypnosis to understand how to quit smoking. Hypnotism is a mental practice with help of which the educated hypnotherapist communicates with the subconscious mind. A lot of ex-smokers would vouch for this method of quitting. The actual hypnotherapy is different from what we see in movies, where patients are embarrassed and seen executing abnormal behaviors during hypnotherapy which is totally fake and unreal.  In actual hypnotherapy, people are in their consciousness and know what is happening. The only thing is that it helps in assisting with locating your subconscious mind and eliminates all the distractions of outside world and wandering ideas in mind.

However, you should know that even though you will be able to stop smoking after your first hypnotherapy session, in most of the cases it is just a temporary solution and you’ll go back to your habit. To make sure this method is helpful, visit the hypnotist at least once a week for few months. A minimum of three weeks sessions is required to help you quit smoking.

Feelings-Based Healing

Another helpful method to get rid of nicotine addiction is using Feelings-based recovery. This method helps you to face the struggle, pain, rage etc. that you’ve kept inside yourself for years together or even from your childhood. Any habit that we have has a mental aspect attached to it and it holds true for the addiction of tobacco too.  People start using tobacco to get rid of stress, depression, pain or sometimes as a part of a celebration and slowly get addicted to it. In feelings based healing you’ll need to create a recovery track list to monitor your cravings and investigate your inner feeling, so you can quit smoking once you deal with your emotions.


The most effective way to quit smoking is using e-cigarettes and this option is accessible in various local and online stores. Most people try this option as it is easy to stay committed to your goal when you have an alternative to switch to. With the e-cigarette, you can enjoy smoking without inhaling toxins present in tobacco cigarettes. And these cigarettes give you the feel and flavor of a real cigarette. And you can gradually minimize the amount of nicotine by refilling your e-cigar with a lower nicotine lever than the previous time. E-cigarettes are also present in a number of flavors such as regular, menthol, chocolate, strawberry etc.