Stanozolol or Winstrol has become popular among women bodybuilders and athletes these days. The main reason behind this is from Winstrol they can achieve androgenic effects even at low doses. This is really good when compared to other steroids available in the market.

The androgenic negative effects can be the loss of hair and deep voice. Even though it comes with these effects, women athletes and bodybuilders love Winstrol because it gives them leaner body mass and accelerates fat reduction. The most important thing to remember is they must follow the average female dosage for Winstrol.

The main effect caused by anabolic steroids in women is the masculine effect. So, using them may change the feminine qualities into masculine and few women also experience the deepening of voice as well. But reports have been revealed that at lower doses, positive effects of Anavar always outweigh the negative ones. The most important thing that women must remember is using the Winstrol safely as per recommendations which can avoid almost all the negative effects.

Dosages of Winstrol for Women:

Anavar is considered as one among the best steroids for women users. But recently it is been discovered that Winstrol is also a great choice for them. Compared to Anavar, side effects caused by Winstrol in women are little more. But using the Winstrol responsibly can result in few or no side effects in women.

Winstrol is used by the majority of the women bodybuilders and athletes in cutting cycles. When they use it for cutting in most cases they experience the results same as male users. Weight loss results for women using Winstrol are incomparable. It is important to follow the average female dosage of Winstrol for women.

Winstrol is mainly used to achieve defined, harder, and leaner physique by women. Usually, when women follow diets, they lose strength and lean tissue. These can be preserved by using Winstrol. Just by using a dose of 10 mg per day for five to six weeks cycle female users can achieve the results.

Side Effects of Winstrol V for Women:

In common side effect of using anabolic steroid like Winstrol is that it can suppress the testosterone levels. This is the reason; most of the male users add testosterone supplements when they use Winstrol. The body should get the things which it needs, so usually, the form in which the supplements are taken need not be of great concern.

In case of female users, the main concern is androgenic effects caused by this steroid. Female users may experience virilization and masculinizing effects from Winstrol V. Soon after they start experiencing the negative effects, they must stop the dose and make sure the effects disappear.

Adverse Effects of Winstrol:

The common adverse effect caused by Winstrol is virilization. In the worst case, this can also damage femininity in women. some of the negative effects include

  • Clitoral enlargement
  • Disruption in menstrual cycle
  • Vocal chords deepening
  • Increase of body hair

Most of the anabolic steroids result in these types of negative effects. But the good thing is when Winstrol is used responsibly these effects can easily avoid. Along with this, risks associated with using Winstrol are lower compared to other anabolic steroids. The main thing they should follow is stopping using the steroid when they experience the negative effects. But in case if they continue the dose, they may have to suffer from these negative effects permanently.