Hellenic taxi services

Hellenic taxi is a service provider which helps you to reach to your destination in Greece. The cars used by them are of superior quality. Mercedes is the main brand used by them. Every model ranging from S-class to new minivan, every model is used for your service. The main focus of the company is to ensure that thee customers get best services at affordable price. The company works under Aktis Group Ltd., which is a leading travel company in Greece. Moreover, there offices are also present in Athens As well As Crete Island.

taxi services


Hellenic Taxi covers almost every part of the Greece. That means you can travel anywhere in Greece by hiring them. Not only they cover all the places but they also provide different choices to the customers i.e. how they want to travel, by which car. Some of the famous destinations covered by them are:-

  • Athens
  • Chalkidiki
  • Euboea
  • Peloponnese
  • Thessaloniki City
  • Makedonia- Airport

Along with all these places they cover rest of the places of Greece also.

Types of services

The company makes sure that the customers get the most appropriate service. Their main aim is to provide best services to the customers. They not only provide taxi services but they also have other mode of transportation. Modes of transportations used by them are:-

  • Group transfers- this can be used by people who want to save money and share their ride with other passengers. Instead of public transport people can use this service in order to meet more comfort and benefit. The company provides group minivan service in which people can be transfer from Thessaloniki airport to halkidiki in groups.
  • Helicopter services- this can be used for fast transportation. And epically to go to islands. You can view get amazing view from the sky.
  • Minivan transfer- if you are with your friends and family then this is the best option for you. It will take care of luggage also, and the drivers know English to avoid any confusion. Other services provided by them are VIP transfer, shuttle transfer and private transfer. Not only they will take to you to your destination but they can also help you in finding a hotel to stay and travelling guidance also.