Before you purchase a bicycle, you should consider certain things.  What is the main reason you will buy a one? Who will use it? Where will you use it? Is it on your budget? Is it safe and user-friendly? You can search thru the internet what are the best brands or you can ask your friends for the best quality in town before you decide which is which.

Let’s take a look for our main bicycle products that can help you choose which is the best for you.

Progear Bicycles

Progear bicycles is an Australian owned and operated company supplying the best bicycles specializing in single speed or fixed speed, hybrid road, youth, and vintage bicycles. It is a private independent company headquartered in Campbellfield, Virgin Island, Australia.

How to Choose the right bicycle?

Depending on your age, character, and preference, you have a variety of bicycles to choose from. You have options from vintage, tricycles, mountain, electric, youth, road and commuter bicycles.

Progear Bicycles Main Products

  1. For Vintage bicycles, you can find Pomona which is good for the petite people, Hollywood that gives you comfort but glamorous ride, Limited Edition bicycles which are designed with class and Sole CrMo Road bicycles that are inspired by the beautiful bikes of the 1960s.
  1. Tricycle bicycles are usually made for children and have opened the door for adults with comfort-oriented components, ergonomics and the third wheel for balance. An electric trike bicycle is extremely popular for adults that comes in an electric version to make your commute a lot easier.

  1. For Mountain bicycles, you can choose from Surge which is a bike for everywhere, off-road or on-road that will be great for mountain biking and street cycling. Fat bikes bicycles are designed to handle terrain that would be impossible on a regular bike and its big footprint provides excellent traction on climbs or even cornering. Electric MTB bicycles are excellent for everyday commuting, climbing hills and powering through unfavorable off-road terrain.
  1. Electric bicycles are comfortable and stylish with electric pedal assist so you can enjoy your cruise through every trip comfortably, and smoothly.
  1. Youth bicycles are old school bicycles which are great for kids on their first taste of riding at the local skate park, tricks or just a plain commuter to get to school with.
  1. Lastly, road and commuter bicycles are light, quick, that will give you the ultimate versatility to transport yourself and any cargo. These are also incredibly easy to maintain which comes with minimal components and gives you full control handling of your bicycle.

You want to find bicycles that will suit our needs. If you’re a first-time buyer or you already have a pick that you want to purchase visit progear bikes melbourne.


Owning a bicycle of your likes gives you a great satisfaction to sustain your needs, overcome your fears, and let you conquer the world. However, you need to make sure that you meet all the criteria that suit you and your family well before you purchase your bicycle by considering the abovementioned tips.