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If you want to make the most of your time under the sun, you should purchase beach towels. Although they are called beach towels, their versatility is unmatched. Beach towels serve many purposes from keeping your belongings off the sand to helping you dry. In some cases, it can be considered a comfortable pillow.

Find your towels here

Where to find beach towels?

Finding beach towels is not a challenging task. Here are the options you can consider:

  • Retail store: there are many retail stores that offer beach towels. Going to a retail store may be inconvenient but there are still those who consider it because they get to touch, see and feel the product before actually buying it.
  • Online store: if you do not want to make the effort, you can alternatively Find your towels here. Since online stores do not rent warehouses and pay utilities, the savings are passed on to you. With this, the greatest advantage of buying beach towels online is the lower cost. Aside from the low cost, you are given coupons or discount codes. More importantly, you get to enjoy a wide selection with the ability to return things.

What to consider when buying beach towels?

After you Find your towels here, the next thing that you need to do is mindfully pick the right one for your needs. To help you, here are some factors to consider when buying beach towels:

  • Size: the first thing that you need to consider is the size. Your goal here is to purchase the correct size. Imagine this: the sand or chair is hot but you have a small-sized beach towel to lie down. This will definitely break your experience. At the onset, you have to ensure that the towel can cover an area large enough for you to lie down. Fortunately, there are large beach towels available – you just have to make sure it is enough for you.
  • Materials: when it comes to beach towel materials, 100% cotton is the most common. You can consider this but you must be aware that 100% cotton tends to be thinner plus it can be rougher. The good thing about 100% cotton is it can dry quickly and take up less space when you pack. You can also consider Egyptian cotton. It is known to be more durable but it tends to be thicker. With this, it can take up more space when you pack it. Its main selling point is it is softer to touch. However, this towel will cost you more and since this material has more fibers, it takes longer to dry. In the end, you should choose the right material that will allow you to enjoy it for a couple of seasons.
  • Design: beach towels come in different patterns, colors, and designs. It is just a matter of your preference. For instance, if you are in the mood for something traditional, you can consider stripped towels. If you want something personalised, you can have your name on it. With technology now, you can also get your own photo printed on the towel. Ultimately, you should pick a towel that best represents you. If the cost is a concern, there are many beach towels that are affordable enough.