hemp flower for sale

Hemp is a plant that is part of the cannabis family. There is a big misconception about hemp that its the same as marijuana and surely even the legislators’ got confused as well since it was also included in the controlled drugs act. But in reality its far from marijuana. Taking closer inspection will reveal that and the most noticeable is the use. You see, unlike marijuana, hemp is geared towards application for medicinal use due to its high CBD content and low in THC.

As you have known by now, there two main components that a marijuana has and that is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which causes psychoactive effects and cannabidiol (CBD) which is used medically for its relaxation effects. Unlike marijuana that has 5% to 35% THC, hemp only contains 0.3% of THC. So if ever someone asks how many hemps are needed to reach that psychoactive effect in hemp? The answer is most probably a truckload of it and you have to smoke every last one of the hemp present in the truck. But knowing it and buying it is a different thing. If you plan to grow your own hemp (legally), provided that you’re in a state that has legalized its use, below are a few tips in buying one.

hemp flower for sale

Know the strain:

Knowing what strain is important when you go to a hemp store to buy one. Its because  its already assumed that you know what you plan on buying. Knowing what strain to buy will determine the effects and the effectivity of the hemp. Although generally hemp is used on a number of medicinal applications, its effects vary from one strain to the other.

Know where it was grown:

Knowing where it was grown is also crucial. Why? Because there are many things that dictate a hemp effectivity based on where it’s grown. Say you got one strain of hemp, you planted each one in various locations to even various countries, you will realize then that the single strain will taste differently, but the ones that will taste best are the ones that were planted in favorable conditions and it’s not the artificially grown ones.

Know about the taste:

Taking hemp isn’t going to be something that your body will embrace instantaneously, especially if you are just new to it. In fact, taking hemp is an acquired taste. The taste has various levels that can fit various types of users, from beginners to experts.

The best price:

The price also matters. In terms of buying hemp seeds, Its not just about getting the best strains, its also about getting the best price. If you’re just starting into growing hemp, it’s better to look for affordable ones for practice and finance ones that are easy to grow and maintain.

Hemp might be in the same family as marijuana but its far from marijuana in terms of use and chemicals. Although it has the same CBD and THC, don’t expect that it can provide psychoactive effects, because it doesn’t. It’s very low on THC, but high on CBD, thus its perfect for medicinal use. If you’re looking for hemp seeds for sale, make sure to know the strain, know where it has grown, know about the taste and the best price.