Eye Makeup Removal

Your look will never be complete without accentuating the eyes. You put eye makeup but when it comes to removing, how much thought do you really give? You might be very tired after a long day but do not even think about skipping eye makeup removal. Keep in mind that sleeping in your eye makeup is a big skincare blunder.

Do not depend on your facial cleanser. After washing with facial cleanser regularly, there will still be streaks of eyeliner and mascara left under your eyes. With this, it is important that you revamp your eye makeup removal. To help you change things, here are things you must know about eye makeup removal.

Why should you remove eye makeup before bed?

It is tempting to rest immediately after a long day and skip washing your face. Even if you do not have the energy for any nighttime skincare routine, it is imperative that you take off your makeup. This is to avoid clogging the pores, which can lead to breakouts. Fortunately, removing eye makeup is easy and it will not take much of your time.

How to effectively remove eye makeup?

Since the skin around the eyes is extra sensitive, it is crucial that you are gentle when removing eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. You can remove eye makeup with the help of the following:

  • Makeup removers: There are non-drying makeup removers, which are purely water-based. These makeup removers are fresh and soothing to the eyes. More importantly, it can successfully get rid of all traces of eye makeup.
  • Makeup wipes: In addition to makeup removers, you should also consider makeup wipes. Makeup wipes are actually the easiest option for removing stubborn eye makeup. It is practical to always toss a pack in your bag so you can wipe as needed. It is also a great idea to keep another pack on your nightstand.

Eye Makeup Removal

What are best practices for eye makeup removal?

You can properly remove eye makeup by learning some of the best practices like the following:

  • Refrain from rubbing too harshly: when eye makeup becomes stubborn, you tend to rub it too harshly. If you do this, the skin surrounding your eyes will be irritated and painful. This can lead to increased drying and flaking.
  • Avoid using the same side of cotton pad over and over: if you do not want to end up re-depositing the makeup gunk you just removed, you should avoid using the same side of cotton pad over and over again. However, this does not mean that you go through a whole stack of cotton pads to get your eyes clean. The key here is folding.
  • Include your eyebrows: when you try to remove that stunning smokey eye makeup, you tend to ignore the eyebrows. You must know that most eye pencils are wax-based. This means that the formula basically holds on to your brow hairs and will not budge. To fully get it off, you need oil and water-based eye makeup remover – not just a regular facial cleanser.

What to do after the removal of eye makeup?

If you want to keep your complexion happy, you need to establish a daily nighttime beauty routine. There is a double-cleansing trend that you can benefit from then apply eye cream for hydration.