It happens to be a type of cancer cell that tends to start forth from the meninges. This is the membrane that connects the spinal cord to the brain. Most of them could be classified as non-cancer ones, while the other 10 % could be rated as cancer. It has to be stated that the benign tumours could pose dangers to life, may lead to significant injury and calls for remedial treatment at the earliest.

In certain cases, they tend to grow at a slow pace. It is dependent on the location and sometimes before you are aware it becomes large in stature for the symptoms to appear as well. In case of others, sudden growth spurts are witnessed. No set pattern could be predicted with the growth of the tumour, and it is pretty hard to find out before the diagnosis phase.

People who are the victim of this disorder will tend to have tumour at a single site, and it is quite possible that different tumours might start forming in different areas of the brain as well. This could emerge in the spinal cord and if this is the case different types of treatment may be called for. They account for more than 27 % of brain tumours making it the most popular.

The surgery

As far as the surgery of meningioma is concerned it could be straightforward to complex nature. In certain cases, multiple surgeons from varied specialties are required. The easiness to remove is dependent on the skill sets and the knowledge of the surgeon involved. Radiation therapy may be suggested.

  • This is for patients who are not eligible for a surgery or the process of surgical removal has not been completed, then radiosurgery could be adopted to slow down the growth of the cancer cells
  • Radiation treatment is normally provided to senior patients. On the other hand, patients who are less than 50 years of age should carefully consider the drawbacks with radiation-induced treatment and this is 10 years after surgery. The chances of such an incident happening is a bare minimum
  • The actual surgery is not called for in such cases but the focus is on computer technology along with advanced imaging. In fact, a high dose of radiation is provided to the cancer cells and in the process, limited radiation is applied to the surrounding tissues
  • In case of many types of cancer cells, the field of radiation should align with the shape of the tumour. It is suggested that the scope of radiation should be reduced in intensity over a period of few weeks. There are certain types of treatment like Gamma knife that cannot be provided at this point in time.

Meningioma cost in India is considered to be one among the lowest in the world. India is a hub of medical tourism and a testimony to this fact is the increase in the number of patients on a yearly basis. This is keeping the quality of treatment intact as well.