To use their device to maximum potential people look for ways to unlock iPhone 5. iPhone 5 can be unlocked in two ways: hardware unlocking and software unlocking. It is recommended that the hardware should not be unlocked as it can be bad for the device and it might not work properly. Only professionals can unlock the hardware, but it is still not recommended. The easier way to unlock an iPhone5 is by unlocking the software. The software unlocking is easier and is not harmful to the device. However, first confirm whether your phone network supports iPhone or not. Once you are sure that the new network will support the iPhone, you need to identify the modern firmware used by your device. An easy way to know this is by using the settings menu of your phone. The settings menu will immediately take you to the window that reads about the specifications of your phone – both hardware and software.

Know the specifications of your phone. Then invest in proper jailbreaking software if you want to break the coded software of iPhone. Choose the jailbreaking software that is compatible with the set of your iPhone. Every network has different speed and acceptance and hence iPhones work differently on every network. To make your device interesting, you should unlock the device. However, there are some points you must remember before you unlock your iPhone.

Points to keep in mind before using the unlock tool

  • Make sure you don’t choose cheap software to unlock your amazing iPhone. Cheap software is usually not compatible with your device and can damage your device. Select high-quality software that is compatible and ensures that you get guaranteed results.
  • There is several good software that can permanently unlock your iPhone. Make sure you choose the one that works even if there is an updated version of the software.
  • Beware of the software that can void your warranty of Apple. Look for software that ensures your Apple warranty will not be void. Nowadays several SIM cards are available that are inserted into the device to unlock it. Once you take out the SIM, the phone gets unlocked without affecting your warranty with Apple.
  • Choose developers who have experience in making iPhone software. Some developers specialize and deal only in the unlocking of iPhone. Make sure you don’t compromise on the quality by buying cheap software that can make your phone unstable and harm it.
  • Look for unlocking service that will keep your device compatible with all the networks. There’s no point in unlocking the phone if it doesn’t work with other networks.

While these unlocking features are cool and you can use your phone with any network provider, what should you do when the iCloud Activation is locked and you need to bypass it?

You have two ways to safely remove and bypass the iCloud lock screen and the currently activated account to make the phone function properly.

You can either go to Apple store with proof that you own the phone and they can help you bypass the iCloud lock. But in most cases, it is difficult to get the documents required to prove the ownership of the phone if you’ve bought a second-hand phone on online sites and have no details of the owner anymore.

Then the only option you are left with is using iCloud unlock tool. By using this you can bypass the iCloud lock screen safely and use the phone just like you bought a new one.

This tool works well with all the iPhone 5’s: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.

This tool is also available for other versions of iPhone and also iPad. To get a permanent solution to bypass iCloud Activation, use this tool to remove the iCloud Activation Lock. It not only unlocks devices that you know the iCloud password but also devices who’s password you don’t know as they might be in Lost mode as they were reported lost by another user.

So, what are you still waiting for? Make use of the information above to unlock your iPhone 5 and to bypass the iCloud activation for iPhone 5.