Wearing Lanyards

Just because your company requires you to wear a lanyard, you have to affect your personality. Today, we bring to you worthy tips that will help you wear the lanyard in complete style. Let’s check out these tips.

Hung It With Your Bag

First on the list, to make a dapper style statement hung the lanyard on your backpack. Not only it tells the world what organisation you work for, but also shows your confidence when it comes to how much you love your work. There are so many ways to hang the lanyard, one is to tie it to any of the straps or simply use a professional lanyard attachment.

Around the Chest

The lanyards are generally placed on the neck, but sometimes it creates a problem for many as the lanyard gets their chest many times. This is why you can opt for tying a lanyard around your waist, just like a CIA agent.

Around the Belt Loop

Another efficient place to hang the landlord is around one of the loops of your belt. Although, ladies can put in the extra bit of efforts to ensure that the lanyard is seamlessly going with the style of their belt.

The Pocket

Just like the waist, you can hang your company lanyard from the main pocket inside. Moreover, this way the lanyard can conveniently be used, and there would be no scope of losing it whatsoever. Additionally, it is quite more fashionable, then you must perceive it, the back pocket can grab the attention of the pass by.

around the neck

Around the Ankle

That’s crazy, but still effective to tag along with your lanyard everywhere, especially the ladies will love this as it would them they appeal charming and unique. The ankle bracelet can be utilized to hang the lanyard around the ankle, believe it this is pretty fashionable and trendy.

Around the Neck

Last on the list when it comes to where to wear the lanyard, around the neck it often comes first to our mind. While, this may seem boring, but still the most effective way to prevent your lanyard from getting misplaced. Further, this looks more professional in comparison to any other way of hanging lanyards. Also, most of the companies want their employees to promote their brand everywhere they wear lanyards.

Would you like to add something to this list, let’s share in the comment section of this blog post, we love to hear from you!