Rail accidents are one among the transportation accidents occurring every year. If you are one of those who takes the train frequently, you might have to keep certain accident survival tips in mind. They could end up saving your life someday.

There are mainly three kinds of train accidents, such as collisions, derailments, and mishaps in level crossings. When you rely on the train on a regular basis, it is naturally your responsibility to be aware of handling emergency situations like accidents. To survive a catastrophe like a train accident, go through the survival tips mentioned below.

Know which compartment to sit:

Experts claim that middle is the best for surviving a tail end or head-on collision. But as the chances of a train crashing into another are lower than a derailment, you can opt to take up a compartment right before or after the middle compartment. A PNR status check is necessary for reserved trains as the seats are given according to availability. Hence, these tips are more valid for people travelling through local trains in a regular basis.

Which seat to choose?

Your seating will also have a role to play in case of train accidents. Try taking the aisle seat, nearest to the front or facing the rear in your compartment. This will help in preventing you from flying forward during a head-on collision. This will also prevent you from a side collision as they have a higher chance of occurring as compared to rear-end and head-on collisions.

Listen to the announcements:

If you have a train conductor on board, you can ask him for help. Follow his instructions carefully and know what needs to be done in the situation.

Make use of the emergency stop:

Every train coupe has an emergency stop in the form of a chain hanging near the luggage compartment. In case of an emergency, take initiative and stop the train. Knowing this can be very beneficial in case an accident occurs without the knowledge of the train driver.

Avoid loitering around too much:

You might need to move around in the train, especially when it is a long journey. But, try to avoid being in the washroom or near the doors when the train is moving. In case of an emergency, is always better to remain seated rather than moving. If the train crashes or brakes suddenly, you might incur severe injuries if you do not have a proper grip.

Jump off the train:

If the situation calls for it, you might have to jump off the locomotive. If you jumping off the train, try your best to do it from the end compartment. It will be easier for you to jump if the speed of your train is slow. You can make use of extra clothing or blankets under your garments to absorb the hit during the fall. Choose a landing spot that is free from bushes, trees, and rocks. Do not forget to cover your head during the fall.

Lastly, make the most of the emergency windows when the train halts after a collision or derailment. Be aware of these pointers to survive a train accident successfully.