Things to know about Company who offers service of Downsizing Estate

 Sample Company Services

Provides a downsizing service for those who don’t have the time, manpower or ability to manage such a project themselves. Downsizing begins with a free consultation to determine which items are to be kept and which will be sold. Cansol Estate Service Australia can arrange for a mover to the new location and assist with organizing at that location. Any personal items such as papers, money or photos, etc inadvertently left behind will be placed in a “family treasures” box and returned to the client after clean-up. Items to be sold will be cleaned, organized, priced and displayed on site for sale. We supply display tables, tablecloths, wrapping paper, bags, etc. Our company will advertise the sale through newspapers, flyers, to regular customers, street signs and appropriate community news sources. Staff will be present at the door and in every room where items are displayed. A cashier will take payments.  Buyers are responsible for the removal of their purchases.

Services of Downsizing estate for Retired people

Become Caring professionals, and will, Help clients who truly need and appreciate clients trust, Committed and have a desire to do meaningful work for the comfort of retired people. Earn but money is worth, Fully bonded and insured, including customer concerns. Organize and sort household goods for liquidation. Help to Pack and unpack personal belongings in a relocation

Cansol Estate Service Australia-

Getting Organized in your Home before downsizing

The first step in getting organized is making sure every item in your home has a designated place and space.

One item that has multiple purposes is the bookshelf. Before you throw away that old shelving unit, consider new ways to use it. Repurposed bookshelves and bookcase units, can add extra storage and display space to give wayward items a home. Besides using this space to display books, you could find a range of new uses like displaying beautiful containers with the ability to house remotes, blankets or other frequently used items.

Closet Shelves

The last place you expect a bookcase to be is in the closet. Perhaps, these ideas will change your mind. Consider using a bookshelf in the closet as shelving for hats, shoes, or accessories. Most bookcases are made for customization, so they can be rebuilt to fit your closet space.

Kitchen and Pantry Storage

Limited on Cabinet and counter space? Repurpose a bookshelf as kitchen storage. You can create new storage real estate by using these shelves to store spices and herbs in attractive glass or ceramic containers.

Bathroom Shelf

You can repurpose a shelving unit to display decorative accents or colorful towels to add a pop of color. This is an excellent way to make bathroom towels, necessary items, and toiletries readily available.

Dining Room

Open Storage in a dining room can serve multiple purposes giving rooms extra storage utility and style. Use the shelves to display extra dinner or glassware neatly and conveniently ready for use. 

Living Room

Add a touch of creativity or coziness to your space with a repurposed bookcase or bookshelf unit. Creative items on display like statement piece sculptures or a decorative vase are sure to be an excellent conversation starter. To add even more personality to the room, consider painting the case a complementary accent color.