Dried tomatoes and semi dried tomatoes have become the norm for more dining establishments today, and this is no surprise considering their impact on flavour, shelf life, and even budget. Dried and semi dried tomatoes are fast becoming the ingredients of choice for many restaurant dishes, and because of their taste and texture, more consumers are expressly looking for them as well. Do you have a restaurant but have not yet been able to utilise semi dried and dried tomatoes in your menu? Here are the top reasons why more restaurants are using dried and semi dried tomatoes today.

Value in taste

One of the top reasons why more restaurants are opting to use dried food ingredients – which include dried tomatoes and semi dried tomatoes – is that they give additional value when it comes to taste. There is no doubt that dried food tastes a lot different from fresh food, and this is especially true with dried tomatoes and other vegetable and fruit products. The flavour is more concentrated and complex, so only a little of the ingredient goes a long way. If you are using semi dried or dried tomatoes in a pasta dish, for example, you don’t have to use as many compared to when you are using fresh tomatoes. Dried ingredients are also quite versatile – they can be used for breakfast dishes, lunch dishes, and supper dishes, and dried and semi dried tomatoes, in particular, can be used for different cuisines ranging from fusion cuisine to Asian cuisine, Italian cuisine, and more.

Less wastage

When you use dried tomatoes or semi dried tomatoes, there is less wastage as well. Fresh tomatoes can spoil in just a few days, and you’d have to store them carefully, so they can last longer. But dried ingredients have a much longer shelf life and there is no ingredient wasted or thrown away.

Save time and effort

Preparing food takes time, and you want your kitchen to be as efficient as possible. When you have to cut up food ingredients every time, this takes too much effort. But with dried ingredients, often, all you have to do is take the ingredients from their container and put them into the dish. The ingredients are always ready to use, and when you buy them in bulk, they often come in the proper packaging, so they are easier to store.

A more consistent cost

The cost of fresh food ingredients can vary greatly depending on the season and where they come from. But this isn’t the case with dried food ingredients. With dried food ingredients, you can benefit from a more consistent cost, and with this, you can more easily and accurately project the cost of your restaurant menu and plan ahead.