Australian immigration Dubai

Australia is the perfect country for the immigrants who are looking forward for peaceful work and research environment, even for those who believe in the expectations of dreams becoming reality. While there are various things one looks upon while deciding to stay in as immigrants, Australia gets the ‘perfect’ status because of its rich culture, economy and ever so vast job opportunities. But, one needs to surpass the certain criteria that the government requires in order to clear you for your stay legally in their land.

The Australian immigration Dubai is a privilege to those people who wants to live and work in Australia but hail or stay in Dubai. The complication that arises for such people is that the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi does not have a Visa or Immigration department. All the processing of Visas and immigration matters are therefore conducted by the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai.

But, with proper documents and information about the necessities, one can easily get access to the processing of the Visa documents. The requirements for Immigration to Australia from Dubai are:

 Australian immigration Dubai

  • You are to clear the IELTS and then provide the documents that disclose your IELTS score.
  • Your occupation should decent and not hazardous and it needs to be listed in the skilled list (SOL).
  • You need to have appropriate skills and the required experience for the job you are applying.
  • You should be cleared of the health and character analysis and certifications.
  • The most important requirement is a clean record from the police department and the state.
  • Your age is not to exceed above 50 years.

Ways to apply for Australian immigration Dubai are

  • Department of Home Affairs which was established in 2017. It includes the entire part of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • Online services like ImmiAccount and Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) – While ImmiAccount helps you to apply for Visa or citizenship, VEVO allows already existing Visa holders to check the details and entitlements of their Visa.
  • Australian Visa application centre in the Gulf region available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman.

The Immigration from Australia to Dubai seems like no easy job and it might take some time depending upon the Visa, you are applying for. Processing times are updated monthly on the official website and are available for most Visa and citizenship application types.

So, there are mainly two ways i.e., to apply online via ImmiAccount or apply at an Australian Visa Application Centre. Also, it is mandatory to have an appointment at an Australian Visa application centre for the submission of Visa applications.

To avoid any delays for the Australian immigration Dubai Visa, all documents and information to support your Visa application must be submitted together at the time of application lodgement. Else, it might take more time than one can actual expect.

Some of the benefits that you might enjoy while Immigration to Australia from Dubai are

  • The basic norm may require you to leave Australia within the 5 years of your stay, if asked to by the authorities without contesting.
  • Once you have your residence and work arranged, you can even sponsor your relatives to Australia.
  • The Australian PR status gives one the access to the consular assistance overseas at Australian Embassy.
  • The Australian nationality comes naturally to the children born within the county.
  • The public services can be enjoyed by every immigrant during their stay legally.