In order for things to make sense we use language and communication is the basis for the formulation of the various languages and the various aspects of the said communication that exist in the world. Language is the soul of the cultures and it is through language a culture of a country or a race is transmitted by. Without the use of language as a means of communicating things in the world there would be no way that people of all cultures could first interact with one another and then interact with other cultures to form social groups which is what existing as human beings is all about. Seeing as humans are social animals it is only right that people are meant to communicate with each other either through language or through visuals like video wall or signs on the billboards and maybe just a simple good old fashioned advertisement on the newspaper. That is the core of what everything we do in the world is all about and without the aid of these aspects it would be very difficult to work or even to live a life in the world.

The Deaf And Dumb Scneario

The irony of it all comes when people are born or become deaf and dumb and then comes the aspect of hearing things and communicating with others. What about people who are blind? How will he or she be able to read a paper or a sign or watch a Led sign that will present with something that they love or that something is important for them to know? It is quite the dilemma, and there are a few ways in which this can be dealt with. The provisions made for the disabled in all aspects in various fields like for instance disability parking can be done in terms of signs and advertisements as well in order to facilitate these people as well.


Ideals are far better than the actual execution of the and sometimes it is the former that people think about and not the latter.