tablet charging carts

In most institutes or companies, they use a bulk of technical devices. All those cannot be charged at the same time. Some device has to be kept safe for internal prospects. So when you need to keep the devices safe and charge, what will you be able to do? Will you keep it in charge and lock the room until it gets charged? It is not possible to lock the whole room just to charge the device. Also, if you want to charge a huge number of devices you have to consider about the port availability. When you want to charge 10+ devices, will you be available with that many ports? Here is a solution for all these needs. It is a technology charging cart. It helps you all these problems.

When you buy a technology cart known as tablet charging carts, you can charge it in bulk of up to 30 tablets or netbooks. This is affordable solution for secured charging and transporting. This cart is designed with rubber coating and padded in between to avoid short circuit. These rubber coated dividers and shelves helps in protecting the devices. Every device is provided with huge ventilation that allows air circulation freely into every unit. Each partition has separate port to charge and every port is safeguarded from short circuits. This cart includes two cable clamps above each of the bays with fast connection for charging. Tablet cart includes top inner shelf vertical outlet for locking brakes. Each door is designed with traditional locking system for secured storage of every device.

tablet charging carts

Features of tablet charging cart

  • Accommodates charging of 10+ devices
  • Secured storage with 2 door lock system
  • Rug proof steel design
  • Rubber coated to avoid short circuit
  • Inner shelf to accommodate devices for charging

This cart is an affordable solution for charging huge number of devices at one spot with more security. Plenty of companies and institutes are in need of these devices. It is specially designed for all those commercial application. When your device is charged from secured storage, you can have the peace of mind in knowing your investment is protected.