If you’re a solitary guy or gal and prefer to enjoy the sweet embrace of mary-jane in the comfort and privacy of your own home without potential intrusion by friends or family, then you have virtually no reason to fear spending a good bit on your bong. If you’re really clumsy yourself then maybe you’d want to consider sticking to cheap bongs as well, but this article is mainly directed to all those people out there that like to get elevated in the presence of friends usually. When there’s a lot of people coming and going in small apartment or something, it’s super easy for accidents to happen and bongs can be pretty delicate, so here’s a couple arguments for sticking to cheap bongs regardless of if you get made fun of by the glass snob in your circle.

  1. It won’t break if it’s plastic. Cheap glass is also an option of course if you’re just trying to invest as little as possible in case of an accident, but if you so far as getting a cheap plastic bong well then you can rest assured that it would take some pretty intense clumsiness to break or ruin a plastic bong. Those things are damn sturdy.
  2. The health impact is basically the same no matter how much money goes into it. You don’t have to feel like you’re doing any more damage to your lungs than you would be with a 500$ bong. Sure, the smoke may not get as cool and smooth from the lack of all those fancy percolators, but all that does is cause more discomfort in your throat, it doesn’t have any effect at all in regards to your lungs and what you’re inhaling into them.
  3. Accidents happen and sometimes it really is nobody’s fault. If a freak accident were to happen between a friend and your cat and a wobbly table, even if it wasn’t really their fault, they’d feel atrocious if it was an expensive bong. If it was just a cheap 20$ bong, however, he’d probably just go and buy you a new one!