Modern technology has taken over most of the tasks that we usually do manually, like connecting with friends and loved ones. Now, there’s no more need to write page after page of letters just to get in touch with other people. If there is an emergency, you can easily call for help. Simply because communication gadgets are now available for us to use.

What Is Konnekt Videophone?

Most of our loved ones who are in their senior years are not that interested when it comes to modern technology. However, if we are far away from them, a simple video phone for elderly can make it easier for us to communicate with them and vice versa. However, there are so many to choose from these days. One of the most popular and trusted brands is Konnekt Videophone.

Konnekt Videophone is the simplest phone for the elderly. It is specifically designed for the seniors as well as those with hearing loss or disability. This is the first phone that can help improve the cognitive ability of an individual who is suffering from memory loss or dementia. It can also reduce the depression risk because it enables family members to get in touch with their elderly loved ones easily. 

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should choose this brand:

  • One-Touch Calling. One of the reasons why our elderly loved ones are not interested in the mobile phones that we so love these days is because of its complexity. They only want simple things in life and this is what the Konnekt Smart Phones can provide. It can easily connect face to face with an iPad, tablet, mobile phones, or even with a personal computer all around the world with one simple touch.
  • Auto-Answer Feature. The Konnekt Videophone comes with an auto answer feature so that if Gran or Gramps will have a hard time looking for the ‘answer button’ the videophone does it for them and you can check if they are doing okay through a 2-way video call.
  • Huge Buttons And Extra Loud Audio. For our elderly loved ones and those with hearing disabilities, the Konnekt Videophone is the perfect choice because of these features. Perfect for those with shaky hands, poor hearing, and those with vision problems.
  • No Need To Be Techy. With the Konnekt videophone, you don’t need any computer skills. Which is why it is the perfect gadget for our elderly loved ones. Unlike most mobile phones these days, there’s no need for passwords or logins, no complicated menus, and icons. It comes with a personalized contact list, huge buttons, you can change the text sizes and colors, as well as the language.

Konnekt Videophone Can Check On Health.

Aside from all these features, its ability to check on the user’s health is probably one of the most important of all. It has a simple yet very effective way to check for signs of poor health or stress visually. All your worries for your elderly loved ones will end because of its auto-connect feature, you can see them face to face and provide comfort even during an emergency situation. So what are you waiting for? Get a Konnekt Videophone for your loved ones today!