It is natural for humans to suffer in life and feel misery and pain. Like there is good in life, it is bad as well. You forget the good and hold on to the bad. Often the bad people and events that enter life are so strong that is becomes virtually impossible for you to move on. However, there is hope in God who will lead the path and make you forget the ill that you had or even till now suffer from. When you become close to God, you will find new direction and hope in your life. This paves the way to a blissful life where you reverse the approach- hold on to the good and ignore the bad.

Ron Hindt- educating people on God’s ways

Ron Hindt is a Senior Pastor at Calvary Houston. He says that when it comes to God’s teachings and ways, he ensures that they are explained to followers in simple language. He says that many people are confused when they are faced with pain and misfortune. Some blame others for their suffering and pain. There are again some people that take up negative vices like anger and revenge. This is where messengers of God step in to bring peace and harmony to the disturbed soul.

One of the biggest tenets of God that mankind needs to follow today is forgiveness and acceptance. Many people believe that forgiving the wrongdoer is a sign of weakness. However, it is the true way to end suffering and being mental peace back. When you forgive the wrongdoer you are not doing a favor to the other person- you are doing a favor towards yourself. You are ridding your system of the pain and the guilt that you suffer from.

When it comes to the practice of forgiveness, it is important for you to start forgiving yourself. This is a habit that you may embrace daily for at least 10-15 minutes. When you practice the virtue of forgiveness for yourself daily, you will start to forgive others as well. You will start accepting others the way they are. This means you effectively are able to change the way in which you take a look at the world.

Pastor Ron Hindt has radio broadcasts that are relayed daily in the USA to reach large masses of people so that they can connect with God and become closer to him. He says that it is important for people to listen to these sermons of God. They are so powerful that they have the ability to transform the negative emotions of an individual and trigger the virtues of love, compassion and peace within the soul. It is important for you to drop vices if you are looking for a peaceful and happy life. Everyone faces a struggle in life but that does not mean that you need to carry it like a weight in your body. It is important for you to let go and embrace a loving approach towards yourself and life with success.