Coupons are powerful and essential marketing tools that will connect people that want to purchase something with brand. We live in the society which is price conscious, which means that consumers will spend at least a few hours per week checking for the best opportunities and deals so that they can save online.

The logical idea is that we all enjoy to buy something good for less money and to get something for free.

Even if we insist that we are not thinking too much about promotions and discounts, we still care about price and the offers will become a part of us.. Valassis has made a report that states that 90% of people who use coupons with the idea to save money, get extras or to purchase other things that they wouldn’t without an offer.

Coca-Cola was the first company that started with coupons, by offering a free drink as a promotion. Back in the day, coupons were the main instrument for successful marketing. Today, 150 years later, we still use coupons for promotional purposes, and we can say that it is impressively effective and viable.

For instance, a puffy mattress discount is the best way to ensure that you purchase a quality mattress for the affordable price tag. But let’s get back to coupons because they haven’t changed much since the very beginning. The one who holds them will receive something for free or for less than usual.

The main difference is that you can find various technological advancements such as digital coupons.. The way people use and take the information and shop has changed and evolved, and people that buy today will get deals through various channels:

  • Push notifications
  • Text messages
  • Social media platforms
  • Emails
  • Retailer websites
  • Brand websites
  • Discount and couponing websites

Digital and mobile coupons are the most straightforward way to market your services or products. At the same time, their popularity is constantly rising which is why it’s getting more and more attention from consumers, especially from millennials. If you have never heard about term the millennials, you should click here.

Coupons are powerful marketing tools that will help people connect with the brand, and the idea is to get the ability to influence customers decision during their purchase journey:

  • Planning – Customers start their shopping with planning. Therefore, you can offer them coupons that will allow them to make plans based on your services and discounts.
  • In-Store – Customers tend to create a different opinion if they see the discounted product. For example, if someone entered the store to purchase chips and he/she noticed that another brand is at a discount. Most people will neglect the old brand and choose the one with lower price due to the economic development that urges us to spend less and to save more.
  • After Purchase – Customers can get receipts on their tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices to get redeemable points that will allow them to purchase something extra when they reach some point.

How Can Brands Use Digital Coupon Marketing?

Coupon marketing will provide you with the possibility to increase your awareness and to reduce the likelihood of getting fewer offers than before. However, you have to make a relevant and well-targeted campaign, and it will work magic.

  • Improve Customer Retention And Loyalty – You will be able to increase customers satisfaction and loyalty which means that they will be more likely to come back for more afterward.
  • Attract New Customers – You can easily create an offer that will seem interesting to new customers that typically won’t purchase from you. If you want to attract more customers, you should visit: to get six innovative ways to do it.
  • You Can Promote New Product or Service – If you offer a good price for some new product or service, you will encourage people to try it and to recommend it further and share so that you can reach more customers as a result.
  • It Will Increase Buzz Around The Brand – Discounts and promotions will help companies increase the brand awareness which can only increase the sales and provide you additional enjoyment.
  • Growing Engagement – You can quickly gain more followers when you implement reward programs and discounts because customers tend to appreciate the engagement and they will give you something in return. That is why you should apply a social media channel with your retail website so that you can enjoy all the way.