Playtime Benefits in and Around Your Cat Tower

Your cat has an incredible imagination. How else could they have fun with crumpled paper, a ping-pong ball or a toy hanging in their cat’s tower? You can get tired just by watching your cat’s energy while you play. While this whole game is fascinating and interesting to them, there are some real health benefits that arise from creating a supportive environment and regular playing time. When all the fun and excitement of the game is over, you can jump to the top of your cat and take a nap! So, how can you light the toys better and play on your cat’s day?

Being fussy, like some cats, some pet owners discovered that when they just pass a new toy, the reaction of this beautiful creature is to ignore it. If so, it would be useful to find a part of the fun toy. You can put a new toy in the lair of the tower of your cat and make him believe that he found a precious hidden treasure. Then give him the freedom to spend hours breaking his new toy.

Observe security measures

If you plan to rotate in several elements of home games, keep in mind some security measures. Cats love to hide. A paper bag can be a simple place for them to sit. If the bag has handles, be sure to cut them. If your kitten tries to jump on a rabbit that passes and ends up in pens, you can chase the bag to interfere with them in the house. It can also be a little dangerous, since you can knock down objects when your cat tries to “shake the tail”.

cat towers

Inspect your home and remove any items that may be dangerous to your cat. As a small child, cats love to do things. Your job is to make sure that what they fall is not harmful. Such items include thread, floss, rubber bands, plastic bags, paper clips, staples and tape. If you have toys hanging from a cat tower, make sure they are secure and that the cord is not too long.

Catnip is safe and your cat will not become addicted to it;

However, each cat manages the stimulation in its own way. Dry catnip is a member of the mint family and contains a chemical that attracts most cats with its irresistible aroma. If your cat is over stimulated by catnip, it may not be used in the future. Many cats experience a relaxed reaction.

Consider the feline’s original nature;

For a long time they have been predators in this world, especially outdoors. Although we may feel that domestication is easy, they still support the prey drive. With the help of the cat towers, your cat can sit on a hill, which not only gives them a sense of superiority, but also protects them from “inaccessibility”, while at the same time maintaining a position that allows them to see everything.

It may seem quite boring to the viewer, but such a disturbing stimulation can prevent the cat from getting bored. With any type of custom cat towers, you have the opportunity to create an incredible game environment for your cats that can grow with them.


The best type of game for your cat is the time you spend with yourself. You can play hide and seek in the cat tower using a small object. This time you spend with your cat will strengthen your connection and add happy and healthy years to your life!