There are thousands of trains running in India, taking passengers and freight on daily basis from one place to other without any problem. As per the record, more than 11,000 trains have been currently in operational mode and supposed to be carrying millions of people to varied locations, as per their desire and convenience. Indian Railways network is certainly huge, and it is of no wonder to even think of that operating such a large network would be easy. With the time, there have been a wide array of strategies been went into execution stage that not only helped the department but also passengers and travellers too from all over.

In general, two categories of trains operate in the country including passengers train and the goods train. In these categories, different sub-categories have been defined and sectioned. Tracks are of course the same, and it leads to the fact the Railways department is been running everything smoothly only and only by making the optimal use of the resources that could be possible. And what makes it even better to understand than to check out the train timetable between two stations. In fact, it seems to be the best way that could assist in making the whole operation smoother and hassle-free. The timetable of IRCTC is been devised by the top management personnel of the department making sure to utilize optimal resources. In fact, a timetable is been drawn at almost every railway station as well for the convenience of the users depicting a lot of details including train name, number, arrival and departure timings of the same and more.

Just for the information, these days’ people can even get access to backlit and LED-based timetables too to get a clearer view of the night. In fact, they keep on rotating and changing as per the train movements. They are available as offline as well as the online medium. To check train time table between two stations, people need to log in at IRCTC site or NTES site, enter in there the train name or number and within an instant, get all the details related to the same. As soon as the information gets provided, full details appear on the screen without taking much time. The information covers many aspects of the source and destination station names, the number of trains running in between them, distance in km, arrival/departure timing to different junctions, fare charged and more. In all, checking out the same could be done within minutes and without wasting much time over the same and is quite advantageous too. There are so many positives of the train timetable and also an important tool as per Railways department to make the processes and operations smoother and proficient. So, check out the platform, get all the information related to training schedule or route you need and have a safe travel.