Messages in bulk are useful

The marketing experts keep on hunting new options that can increase their reach to the customers in the open market. The cell phone is the most used device these days, and hence they target the users who read the messages flashing on their screen. The SMS is the easiest way to reach such potential customers, and the best part of it is the reach of the clients for the same. People who are fresher to mobile marketing may question about bulk SMS. There exist a lot of various terms that are coined to explain the efficient marketing channel, for example, SMS marketing, text message marketing, SMS software, bulk text, SMS alert, business SMS but all these terms are used for one thing.

First and foremost to know the meaning of the abbreviation SMS stands for is short message service and it forms a text message that is conveyed from mobile to mobile. The bulk SMS can be said to be sending the SMS at one time to a lot of receivers.  You can buy SMS messages from the bulk service provider in bulk, and they tend to be inexpensive as compared to regular SMS sent from the mobile phone. Moreover, bulk SMS constitutes a very cheap form of mass communication in comparison to other traditional means of marketing like email marketing or advertisement.

Uses of Bulk SMS:

These bulk SMS purchased from the bulk SMS service provider can be utilized by community groups, owners of the business, agencies for marketing or any person desirous to commune with a large number of individuals. With the use of bulk SMS, you can gauge the effect of messages sent by you, delivery reports can be tracked, and in case you incorporate a link, it is possible to gauge the number of hits or maybe sales due to SMS.

By means of bulk SMS you can send reminders, convey promotional offers or can be incentives, you can update customers, offer coupons for customers, run competitions, confirm bookings or may be confirmations. The list of uses goes on.

It is very critical to mention here that in case you happen to convey bulk SMS, you are needed to abide by the data protection laws enacted by your country’s regulator. It is necessary for you to attain written consent from any consumer ahead of including that consumer to the mobile marketing campaign. It can be said to be extremely specific term by which is meant an agreement made in writing, has on it the signature of an individual to which it is marketed to and plainly indicates that the seller is authorized by them to send advertisements or some other marketing messages onto the phone. Also, the telephone number that is authorized by the signatory to all such marketing messages or other advertisements should be added in the consent form. You should also offer the customers the opt-out option at the end of each SMS that is sent. Bulk SMS is opened on average of 98%, and within 5 minutes messages are read by the receiver.