One of the most important tasks for any wedding planning is to make the right selection of wedding cake. Just like selecting beautiful flowers and decorations, wedding cakes are also very much important. So here in this article, you shall find all helpful tips for selecting ideal wedding cake.

Explore the best options available

When speaking of wedding cakes, you always have the multitude of options available for selection. It is important to select one that tastes good and has a very appealing look. One of the most effective ways to get started is to try and seek advice from your wedding designer. Most wedding designers are the right person who can offer you with the best advice. They can help you make the right selection from amongst beautifully designed custom-made cake for your wedding.

Select the best flavour

You may find some of the most preferred basic flavours available in vanilla and chocolate. Apart from this, you can also go for other new flavours like almond cake, buttercream caramel flavour, Oreo buttercream or funfetti. As you may only get one chance to order your best wedding cake so it is advisable to explore all possible flavours available.

Think of your venue

As your wedding cake is one of the most important accessories for your wedding so it is important that it should blend in perfectly with the venue colour and theme of your wedding. It is important that the cake you order should match with the décor of your wedding venue. You can search for various online cake delivery in Jaipur websites and then place your order with them.

It is ideal to select one that is multiple layered and tall so it is easily visible in the ceremony hall.

Small cakes are better options

Smaller cakes are much better options for people who are always on the tight budget. You can also supplement the cake along with additional deserts. This will help in lowering the cost of the cake. Apart from this you can also try and order one that uses less amount of toppings and decorations. Less luscious cakes are usually less expensive and affordable.

Select one that is the common flavour for all

During wedding ceremonies, it is not possible to please everyone. So, it is not advisable to select rare and special flavours. It is just not possible to please everyone at the wedding ceremony. So select one that can be enjoyed by everyone at the ceremony. You need to keep in mind that this day is very much special for you and not for others. Avoid selecting unusual flavours.

Saving top tier

You can also try and save the top tier immediately after the photo session. This piece can be wrapped in an airtight plastic wrapping. This can also be placed in a tight small box. This piece can be refrigerated for some time before you can actually enjoy it. This can also be considered as the best toast of your wedding.

Apart from this you can also try and make a selection of other alternative deserts apart from cake-like cookies or bacon.