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Teaching your pet the trick of rollover is mandatory. Together with sitting up and sitting down, this is also a popular trick. This trick is more difficult compared to the other tricks for a dog to learn. With a lot of encouragement and patience, your dog can definitely learn the trick of roll over.

  • Make your dog lay down
  • Lure with a treat or a training stick and make him move to one side of the hip. Use the treat to make him go on to his back. However, this may take a little amount of time.
  • Continue using the treat so that he rolls over again and again.
  • When your pet rolls over readily, do not use the lure. Expect more prior to giving him the treat. Always praise him and give the jackpot when he performs very well.
  • When he rolls over very smoothly, give him a verbal command of Roll Over. A circular hand can be helpful. Always praise and click occasionally. Whenever he performs well give him a treat.

This is an important trick that your pet should know. You can log onto for additional information.

dog learn

Things you may need

When your dog is performing a roll over after hearing the rollover command you may wonder how he is performing the trick. It is not the biggest challenge to train a dog roll over but it takes a lot of patience, time, and attempt. The only problem is that it is not a very natural session. For training your pet roll over, you shall need things like the following:’

  • A soft area like a rug, a carpet, or a grassy area
  • Treats
  • Time, mostly several sessions that last ten minutes
  • Plenty of patience

You may not attain success in the first attempt

The trick of rollover may look easy but its training is difficult. You may need a few attempts before your pet can comfortably perform it. For more success, break down the complete process into several smaller steps. Breaking the steps into smaller ones is important otherwise, the training may look very monotonous and your pet may lose interest. In very small step, lure him with a treat so that his interest in the training remains. Even if you do not achieve success at the very first attempt, try it again several times. You can visit the site more related information.