Best At Gulf Shores Condos

One club golf shores is a heavenly place made near the coastal region surrounded by water bodies, beaches,and white sand to make this place one of the most desirable places to live. The luxury of the place is grand and the comfort provided in these residences make the residents feel at home. The gulf shores condos have a large area for golf holes and other wonderful attractions of the place are also unique in nature.

Golf and clubhouse

Luxurious apartments

The resort has customized homes with all the luxury and facilities to give the residents the feel of being at home. The residences have been named to give a personalized feeling. They are namely The Trevino, The Jones, The Hogan, The Nicklaus and The Palmer. The first two have one bedroom with one bath, the latter two have two bedrooms with two baths and a porch and the last but not the least, and The Palmer is the grand suite with three bedrooms and bath attached to them with private balcony. However, the quality of services and comfort is not compromised in any of them. Other features of these residences include:

  • Modular and designer kitchen to satisfy the taste buds at any hour of day or night.
  • Wireless electronic fittings and USB outlets for a hassle-free connection.
  • Furnished residences to make you feel comfortable like home.
  • Shower doors made of glass and modern sleek fittings in the bath.

Golf and clubhouse

The resort is a paradise for golf lovers. The one club golf shores are surrounded by beaches, natural beauty, greenery and a large backyard with best 45 holes for golf players. This place is a dream come true for golf admirers. The serene beauty of the place and the green carpet covered in hectares of area with fountains and water bodies to sooth the mind, this place has all that a golf player can only imagine. It has a bar 45 which is another happening center to spend time. The place has drinks and large screen television with wonderful seating arrangement to watch your favorite matches and cheer with your friends on weekends.

Uninterrupted enjoyment

The golf shores are no less than heaven for people who love to live their life to the most. The place has everything unique including its beauty, the grand luxury and the utmost comfort it provides to its residents.

  • Events like volleyball, baseball, national championships, shrimp championship, music festival and blue marlin festival keep the place exciting and lively throughout the year. The unstoppable nightlife and fancy restaurants make the stay memorable for life.
  • Coastal life is unparalleled to anything because of the weather, beaches, seafood and the natural beauty which works wonders in relaxation of mind. Fishing can be your favorite pass time near the coastal region and beaches can be favorite destinations for weekends.