In the modern world, many people frequently go through trust issues. Although there are many ways to find accuracy, we may only get few confirmations about it. On the other hand, even from these tactics, we get the truth on which we cannot entirely rely upon. There are many ways to adjust it as by modifying evidences, influencing eyewitness and many more. A lie detector, usually known as a polygraph is an instrument that measures several physiological variations and alternations in the human body that takes place during the examination. It is proved scientifically that whenever a person tells a lie, many physiological variations take place in his body. By recording theses variations and evaluating them this machine one can conclude whether the suspected person is speaking the truth or lying.

When speaking the truth, we all discern how confident we are. The person who speaks the truth will never take time for the respond, that’s obvious and is true. Conversely, while telling a lie, people often grope and think for some instant about what to tell and what consequences they may face in future due to this. Due to the clash that goes in the mind before telling a lie, there are many physical changes in the pulse rate, respiration pattern, skin conductivity and blood pressure. To monitor and report the value of heart rate, blood pressure, sweat and other indices, Sensors are fixed to different body parts of the suspects. Once the values are found, the examiner estimates them to get the final result. The instrument records the indices and observes for any unusual behavior. It makes a distinction between the normal behaviors of the body with the behavior while answering question.

There are many circumstances where a lie detector test becomes indispensable. It either proves your faithfulness or declares you guilty. A lie detection test at all times should be done by professionals and verified examiners as the precision of the test results highly depend upon their skills, practice and knowledge. A lie detection test does not hurt anyone and is absolutely harmless for the subject in case he/she isn’t found culpable.