Online content streaming


In 1993, when live streaming got there first success in Australia, It emerge as a great entertainment tool for the future. This technology gave birth to free streaming website online which further developed in piracy world. There are many pirated website which are providing online streaming video or content for free. Recently, Motion Picture Association of America has declared movies 123 online streaming site as most notorious pirated site of the world having 98+ million users. Actually Streaming is a concept in which a file is continuously sending as well as receiving at the same time over the internet. Hence many pirated website are introducing tin this business and destroying the film industry along with television industry.

online streaming site

Copyright is needed

Most of the online streaming website is not safe and illegal, if someone deals on content without having copyright, it is not legal anyway. There is a concept of Pseudo- streaming because most of the streaming website offer a good quality of video during steaming process by downloading some part of video to once computer. In this way one can pirates the content over the internet which is illegal. Sometime streaming site act as a search engine and when someone search their favorite content it link it to the original site and the result is being shown on the streaming website .

Shut down the pirated website

The streaming website which is known as most notorious in the world of piracy, they have announced their shutting down on their website stating goodbye to their users. This news was like bolt from blue for the users because the site itself was appealing to the customers that they should respect to the filmmakers who really deserve appreciation and money. Since the free streaming mogul was being operated from Vietnam, US ambassador on his visit to Vietnam had appeal to stop this kind of illegal platform which harm local business and industry.


Hence, the lover of movies123 is still having the confusion about the main reason behind suddenly shutting down the website.  Well, in the other news it was found that the streaming site has come up with other name and domain as Gomovie within one week. It really difficult to stop illegal stream of content but law authority are taking the responsibility to overcome this threat.