Are you intending to send any item to Russia via international-postage? Well, in this case, you should choose the speediest Postage to Russia. You can now avail multiple delivery-options out of which you have to choose the best one.

Factors to be considered:

Postage-delivery to Russia can be now well-decided on the basis of following factors.

  • Item-type: It is very much necessary to determine the item-type otherwise postage hassles might come into being.
  • Compensation: Compensation-cover should be taken for protecting the parcel especially during transit. You can check-out the available compensation-rates from the provided chart.
  • Delivery-tenure: Estimated delivery-time should be ascertained so that you can inform the same to your purchaser or receiver.
  • Parcel-weight: Parcels are being weighed accurately for easy and smooth delivery. Excessively heavy items cannot be sent.

On the basis of above details, postage costs can be easily and accurately determined. You should choose the most affordable rate that suits your budget well. Moreover, you should follow standard postage-guidelines in order to avoid mess. The address should be written in bold letters and you should use Russian-language for writing necessary info.

Few essential tips:

Postage to Russia can be now easily and smoothly conducted if you follow some smartest tips. Few beneficial ones have been discussed below.

  • Taxable items should not be sent to Russia via postage. This is because these items are associated with high volume of risks and on the other hand you might even experience any loss or get into any legal hassles. You should check-out the item-list in order to find-out the prohibited ones that should not be sent to Russia at all.
  • Recorded delivery is needed for sending any postage to Russia. In this case, parcel-number needs to be retained for sure so that delivery can be easily tracked without any hassle. Currently, international-tracking system cannot be utilised for determining sent parcels to Russia.
  • All items should be properly insured otherwise you will not receive proper compensations over damages. Sending parcels valued above $50 should be essentially avoided in order to stay away from unwanted risks.
  • It is always better not to send printed items via postage to Russia as Russian customs are very much strict about inspecting the same. On the other hand, confusion by Royal-mail guidance can make the situation even messier and thus you should completely curtail these items from the list of postage.
  • Customs-form should be filled-up in details by putting only correct info. In case of postage, delivery-timing might varies in between two-four weeks. Therefore, it is your responsibility informing the concerned purchasers about the same so that they can remain free from stress and anxiety.

If you are going to deal with postage to Russia for the very first-time then you are strongly recommended to make a detailed surfing online in order to find out more intricate info about the concerned matter. You can also hire an efficient and experienced postage-agent of your place for receiving enough assistance. The agent will surely cater you a proper guidance regarding how to send parcels to Russia safely and smoothly.