When you make plans for your wedding, one of the most enjoyable tasks is to select your wedding cake. But even if you enjoy several rounds of sampling yummy treats to make your decision, you may find making the right choice, a difficult one.

You may be an expert at cake baking, but it is good to leave the making of your wedding cake to professionals. Your wedding cake is likely to be the centre of attention at your wedding reception, so your kitchen cake will simply not do.

Here are a few tips to select the best cake for your wedding:

  • Select the bakery

 You need to do some research before you select the bakery. Nowadays, you will find online cake delivery shops.  Ask around from friends and family about good bakeries. You can even opt for an online cake delivery in Chandigarh by reading through reviews on their website or on cake related websites. Check wedding websites or blogs which feature customer reviews. Ensure that the reviews and photos of cakes in such online sources are up to date. Get familiar and comfortable with the cake professionals.

  • Select a style

Your wedding cake can come in innumerable styles. Choose between a classic or a creative look. Do you want an all-white cake or a colourful one? You can choose the style as per the theme of your wedding reception. Your cake may be simple or extravagant, based on your wedding theme. It might be square, round or multi-tiered. Another choice is for the frosting- do you want fondant or buttercream? Fondant is costly but more lasting. Your online cake shop will have a variety of styles for you in its portfolio.

  • Select a flavour

It is a common myth that wedding cakes need to look good but the taste is not important. Some fondants may not taste good, so it is up to you to select a fondant which does. If you do proper research, you can have a cake which tastes as good as it looks.

Wedding cakes are available in all types of amazing flavours. But the choice is yours- do you want a light, fruity flavour or a rich chocolate taste? Take care to devote a few separate days to taste cakes so that you don’t make a rash decision due to sweetness overload.

  • Select a display

While choosing other features of the cake, don’t neglect the factor of the display. How will the placement look? Will you be setting the cake on a centre table covered with a tablecloth matching your wedding color scheme? In case of an evening reception, you may want focused lighting on the cake.

  • Select a time

Planning for your wedding cake also needs a choice of when to bring it into the spotlight. In some cases, the ideal time will be at the start of the reception before guest get busy dancing or drinking. In case you have to toast during the reception, bring out the cake just after or before the speeches. Also, give some time to photographers to capture some good shots of the cake.

These are some tips for arranging a cake for your wedding. These help to relieve you of the stress of making the right choice.