Cocktail Dresses have always been women’s favorite, and how can these not be for they make every woman look and feel like a queen. But that does not eliminate the possibility of style bloopers. Therefore, to help you choose the right cocktail dress for yourself we have penned this blog.

What is a cocktail dress?

Let us first understand what is a cocktail dress.

A cocktail dress is a dress that fells decently between formal and smart casual. Any dress in a length shorter than an evening gown is apt for a cocktail dress.

What part of the day a cocktail party is held holds great significance as well. If the party is in the morning or afternoon you are freer in choosing colours and patterns, on the other hand, if the event is in the evening it is better to go with dark colours or muted tones.

3 Points to Consider When Shopping for a Cocktail Dress

To cleverly pick and choose outfits that are versatile, classic and fits your style, note these points and use them while you shop next.

  • Invest in classic dresses, especially a black dress and a white dress. Next, fill your wardrobe with lace dress or dresses. These are elegant and hardly go out of style. Finally, if you can fit more in your wardrobe, go for colour blocked dresses and fitted bodycon dresses.
  • Focus on the detail. These could be sequins, embroidery, embellishments, Swarovski, and prints. The key is to go with unique elements that look elegant.
  • Accessorize it right. To buy a cocktail dress is one thing but to look amazing in it is another. So, in order to stun the crowd, you may want to team your dress up with the right accessories.

How to Shop a Cocktail Dress for Your Body Shape?

Often, we come across dresses worn by a model or a mannequin that we love instantly but as soon as we adorn it, they don’t look appealing anymore.

Well, like everything else, there is a little bit of science involved in it too. And that science revolves around your body shape.

Here we discuss those body shapes in detail and how you can choose a dress for your respective body shape.

Pear Shape

Having a pear-shaped body means your upper body, that includes your shoulders and bust is smaller than your lower body, that has your hips and thighs.

For you, a perfect dress should be one that highlights your slender shoulders and collarbones.

Best styles for you would be halter-necks and sleeveless and strapless dresses.

Rectangle Shape

This shape is generally attributed to females with athletic, slender build like Sarah Jessica Parker.

For you, to enhance or complement your thighs, narrow hips and shoulders, and small butts, peplum dresses, and dresses with asymmetric detailing will be perfect. Also, dresses with empire waists should look great for these add volume both above and below your midriff while accentuating your slender waist.

Hourglass Shape

The most proportioned feminine shape, hourglass denotes an average full bust with a clearly defined waistline.

For you, bodycon and bandage dresses will make a perfect fit as well as strapless dresses. Also, dresses that end above your knee and nip in at the waist would be excellent.

Final Words

It is all about what looks good on you and how you feel in it and carry it. In the words of Marilyn Monroe, “Designers want to dress me like spring, in billowing things. I don’t feel like spring. I feel like a warm red autumn.”