buying bitcoins

The fastest and easiest way of buying bitcoins immediately with the credit card and debit card is on internet where you may acquire $50 and less of bitcoin quickly and generally in 10 minutes, you can also do BTC to USD immediately in the same way. But, you might be totally new to this whole cryptocurrency concept or for that we suggest you learn certain things. Bitcoin is very empowering but different than currency that you know or use daily.

Start With Bitcoin

Before using Bitcoin that is highly experimental but is operational without interruptions for more than 8 years, there are some things you have to know to use this safely to avoid any common pitfalls.

Firstly, Bitcoins are just impossible to counterfeit and inflate.

Secondly, you may use them for sending and receiving any sum of money, with anybody, anywhere in this world, at the low cost. The Bitcoin payments are just impossible to block, or bitcoin wallets cannot be frozen.

Thirdly, with the Bitcoin you may directly control your money without even going through the third party such as PayPal or bank.

Fourth, the Bitcoin transactions will not get reversed and refunded. You must just deal with the businesses and people that you trust.

Fifth, Bitcoin transactions should be confirmed once but 6 plus times before this has happened or gets irreversible.

Sixth, Bitcoin isn’t anonymous and there is tumbling. Every Bitcoin transactions will be stored permanently and publicly over the network that means anybody will see the transactions and balance of the Bitcoin address.