Here are Easy to Follow Steps to Remain Safe from Infectious COVID 19

Many people are confused and apply wrong methods while trying to be safe from the deadly virus that has caused the pandemic. Hundreds of individuals have lost their life just because they have failed to follow the right safety measures that are sure to protect them from falling prey to the symptoms of the communicable disease caused by COVID 19.

To stay safe, you need to be armed with the right knowledge about the safety methods illustrated by global medical experts. Unfortunately, many thought the safeguard methods to be bogus or carelessly didn’t follow it and as a result they landed in the isolation wards for being infected with coronavirus. Hence, to remain totally safe from this dreadful virus, it is useful to understand clearly and follow safety tips.

Here are the safety tips that act as a shield against this unwelcomed virus:

  • Washing your hands often.
    • It may seem a simple act, but you need to do it a bit differently. Firstly, lather all parts of your hands till wrist with a good disinfectant soap or hand wash liquid. Make sure to scrub even the space between the fingers and even clean your finger nails with a soft brush. You need to continue scrubbing for the least twenty seconds before you wash your hands with warm water and dry them on a new paper tissue. You need to make sure that the paper tissue is thrown in dustbin immediately after use.
  • Sanitize all things.
    • Yes, it helps to sanitize things you have used while you were outside. It can be your mobile phone, laptop, your bag and even your pen. You can discard your garments as soon as you come home and put them in your washing machine. Even your footwear needs to be sanitized before you take them inside your home. You need to regularly disinfectant the surface of your home.
  • Avoid touching any part of your face.
    • The unwanted virus thrives on metal base for minimum seventy-two hours. If you touch any metal surface, you may contact the virus. Thus, don’t touch any part of your body and especially your face till you have fully cleaned your hand. It will be safe to wear one-time usage gloves whenever you venture out.
  • Maintain social distancing.
    • At the least, you need to maintain six feet distance from other people while you are working in office, while shopping or in any outside place. It will be always helpful to stay home and not venture out till it is absolutely necessary. It will be advisable not to hug or kiss anyone as skin contact isn’t safe. Moreover, don’t allow anyone to touch your personal belongings. No involvement in any kind of gathering or eating in restaurants. In fact, virtual socializing is the best.

Whenever you venture out or entertain guests in your home don’t forget to wear good quality face masks. Globally well-known online marketers like are ready to dispatch large quantity respiratory masks at reasonable price as soon as the order is placed. You can buy for your whole family and for your employees without making any added efforts. Hence, keeping yourself safe during the pandemic won’t be a problem while following a few safety guidelines.