The Tap share is a top notch vault for keeping the photos which need high end privacy. Yes, you can go to the website which allows all for managing them in better way. It comes with the dual password for reinforcing security of files. One can add well multiple numbers of photographs in one click without any hassle. This can also retain quality of all your pictures. The third party cloud services as google drive, dropbox, and more offers the option for allowing extracting pictures from there too and keeping in this vault in secured way.

Manage photos

Go to the website now for keeping the private videos and photos secured from the prying eyes. It introduces much easier way for managing the privacy content well. Try it now and this can protect the photographs from prying eyes and allows only the people, whom do you allow for watching them. This can help the private stuff as secured, safe with the password and encryption protection. If you are a private person and not at all want the family photos to be viewed by any stranger, in case your device gets stolen, then also you can manage the photos on the Tap share.

Sharing option

This allows the easy sharing of albums with your friend or many of the people whom do you want to share with. You can also add your friend circles on this and as soon as your friend will go to the website, you can simply click on sharing option to share album or few pictures. Make sure you don’t forget your password and don’t share it with others. the password is required for logging on this site where you can start off with the sharing of private pictures. All the photos get stored by making use of 256 bit encryption.

User friendly site

In case, you don’t want to share your photos with any of your friend or family, then also you can go to the website for secretly hiding your photos on this. It is completely safe. You just need to make an account on this site for getting started with the process. After signing in, you can login and for more assistance, start its online tutorial which guides you how to add photos and friends. It is a user friendly website which is easy to understand by laymen. Visit the site now and tap for sharing the photos.