Geyser has become a quintessential part of our lives and has become one of the most important home appliances. After a long day full of rigorous work there is a need of hot water bath to remove the tiredness. The importance of a geyser is realized if due to some reasons you do not get hot water for bath during winters. If you are planning to buy a water geyser, there is a lot much to know before sticking to one product.

Types of geysers

A Geyser is of so many types but based on the energy used, there are two major types of geysers: Gas geyser & Electric geyser. As the name says, the Gas geyser requires liquid petroleum. These types of water heaters have no limit to heat the water. Gas geysers have further been divide into two types; Instant gas geysers or tank less geysers or Storage geysers which is not available in India. The gas geysers work by heating water, with the help of gas burner located below a big tank from where the heated water is delivered through pipe lines. The heating from these geysers is steady, so it supports the power preservation. But there are some disadvantages of this geyser is that their life span is very short in comparison to other ones. Also these are not at all safe to operate and install and can only be installed by the experts.

    An Electric geyser consumes electricity for heating the water with the help of copper coil to convert electricity to heat energy. The best thing about these geysers is that they are pretty easy to handle and pollution free. Also they have better life span that Gas geysers. One and few disadvantages is that it is a little expensive to buy and also to operate because it consumes electricity.

Based upon your requirements you can decide which water geyser will be feasible to you.

What are the things to check before buying a Geyser?

  • The first thing to see in a geyser is its capacity that it is according your requirements or not. There is no use of getting an over-sized heater as it will heat extra water and consume unnecessarily more electricity. And a small one will not be sufficient so it will cause hassle.
  • It is a good idea to buy a water geyser that has a longer life span and its replaceable parts are easily available. You need to keep a window open for it breakage too.
  • While buying any electronic appliance one should check its customer reviews.
  • A geyser that consumes less electricity will save your money. This can also be determined by customer reviews.
  • While purchasing a geyser the warranty period needs to be checked on heating element and tank.
  • Some important features that you can check in a geyser are:

Glass coated heating element

Automatic thermal cut-out

Rust proof outer body

Adjustable thermostat settings

Safety valve for pressure release

The above things can make you buy a perfect geyser for you.