The University of Texas is one of the most prominent institutions of higher learning in America. It’s also one of the biggest with over 50,000 students. Attending college can be a scary experience, but it can be exciting too. It’s said that high school is where you learn about yourself, and the campus is where you learn about life.

You may have been one of the popular kids in high school, but once you get into college, nobody cares about your high school accolades. The truth is you will always find people who are better than you, not only in college but in life.

So, how do you find your place on campus? It all begins by knowing yourself. You will find people from different countries, and states, on campus, and it can be a bit nerve-wracking to start making new friends; either way, go for it. It’s only uncomfortable in the beginning, and you will find that most people around the school are quite friendly.

Getting A Social Life in Campus

To not feel like an outsider in college, you can start by checking out the list of extracurricular activities within the school. There are high chances that you will find at least one thing that interests you. It could be sports, theater, and music, among others. In these clubs, you will be part of a group, and you will meet more people there.

It’s common to think that you will not fit in anywhere if you don’t indulge in alchohol at college. First of all, drinking is not the only fun activity in college; secondly, the University of texas social life has a lot to offer. From live music performances, exhibition spaces, Shakespeare performances, to outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and many more.

If you’re a bookworm, there are tons of activities such as the Longhorn program, the Austin technology incubator and other entrepreneurship programs for all students. There is something for everyone, so you will have to find your niche at the University of Texas and it’s buzzing social life.

The faculty at the school is also very accommodating to its students. Most professors are willing to help their students with research projects, and they don’t even mind sharing theirs. Innovation and technology is a big part of UT. The university has programs that support startups, so if you have a passion for inventing and creating something new, you will have a very fulfilling social life at UT.

During your time on campus, you’re bound to meet people from many age groups, some may be younger than you and some may be older. However, some students take the age factor too seriously. Sure, some of the senior students will have outgrown some things, but that should not intimidate you. Be open to learning from people of all ages.

The first year on campus is the hardest for some people. The good news is that life becomes more comfortable because you will establish solid friendships. As you progress, however, the academic side gets a bit harder but thankfully you will know where to borrow your social notes from.