Get your horses together and gather all the popcorn and buzz that you can; the next AMA Supercross season is coming near! The Supercross is a bike racing event held in America from the months of January to May as a sidekick of the motorsports. The races are held on rough terrain which is custom made.The racers have to cross all the obstacles and jump around the heaps of dirt to win the race.

The Supercross race first started in the year 1974 quickly surpassed its originator and went on to become the most watched dirt bike racing event in America. The racers rush away on their dirt bikes all around the course and give an adrenaline effect to the audience inside the stadium as well among the viewers watching the sport at home.

The Schedule:

The season kicks off inJanuary at Anaheim, and the live telecast can be seen on Fox Sports starting at 10 PM Eastern Time. The out of country viewers now have a reason to celebrate as they can obtain the live video pass and watch the game in real time on their official supercross website.

The Supercross Live has been updated from the previous years to allow the spectators living in the central and east coast time zone and those living in the west coast time zone to enjoy the game with all the more vigor as the race is coming to their town.

The Fox network has obtained the exclusive rights to telecast the game all over the nation and even outside the country. With the number of fans and viewers increasing every season, the event has gained a lot of popularity among the people, especially among the young generation. The young racers of the sport like Jess Pettis, Eli Tomac, Chad Reed, and Hill have a massive fan following.

With a $1 million payout, the stakes are high this season, and all the prominent figures of the motorsport world will be seen at the final event which is, as per the Las Vegas Supercross Schedule, planned to be held in the gambling capital of the world.

Make sure that you have bought the tickets beforehand and in time as the rush is increasing and so is the craze among the people. To grab a slice of this season, tune in to the channel FOX or make sure that you’re present in the stadium during the event.