Goa has more to it than beaches and parties. A kaleidoscopic blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures, with sand, sun, spirituality, and seafood; take a look at the top reasons why Goa should be a part of your travel list in 2018.

Known as the party capital of the country, Goa is a bucket-list destination for both locals and international visitors. With an endless coastline of pristine beaches and fantastic seafood, Goa will surely leave you with priceless memories and make you want to come back again.

Whether you’re taking a wild trip with your buddies, a romantic retreat with your spouse, or a family vacation with the kiddos, Goa is sure to leave you mesmerised. Take a look at the top reasons to travel to Goa in the upcoming year and give wings to your plan.

  1. Economical

In spite of being a popular tourist destination, Goa is surprisingly affordable and fits the budget of all travellers. Thanks, to an endless array of accommodations (from bed-and-breakfasts to luxury beach resorts) and cheap tickets from all major cities of the country, you can have a truly amazing vacation without burning a hole in your pocket.

For example, Mumbai to Goa flights are available starting at 1900 INR, and Bangalore Goa flights can be even way cheaper and cost just 1500 INR when booked in advance.

Start planning your Goa vacation by beginning your search for air tickets.

  1. Beaches (of course)

The biggest draw of Goa is undoubtedly its pristine beaches lining the entire coastline (36 in total). With shimmering sand and soothing waves, Goa has a huge bounty of beaches along the Arabian Sea.

What more, each of these beaches has developed a unique personality and draws particular groups of travellers. Head to Anjuna beach to enjoy a vibrant hippie market, or visit the Mandrem for a lovely, laid-back romantic walk with your partner.

Pack your sunscreen, beach towels, and get your dose of Vitamin D in the endless beaches of Goa.

  1. Food Lovers’ Paradise

Food is a star in Goa. The aromatic scents, spices, and tantalising flavours of Goan cuisine will make your taste buds dance with joy. Freshly caught lobsters, huge tiger prawns, and rich fish steaks – you are in for a treat if you’re a seafood lover.

Apart from seafood, you can sample several other dishes like the Goan Vindaloo (a spicy mutton curry), bhali-pau (a freshly baked bread roll with curry), xakuti sauce (a spicy curry that goes with rice).

With a wide array of eateries at every nook and corner, Goa is a food lover’s dream come true.

  1. Let your Spirituality Shine

If you thought that Goa is all about frivolous parties and dances, then you’re wrong. Goa has emerged as a yoga haven with several classes and sessions offered throughout the state for both locals and visitors.

Reiki, meditation, beach yoga, or t’ai chi – whatever be your preference, you can find a wide variety of spiritual classes in Goa.

Ask the concierge at your hotel for the list of all classes in the neighbourhood.

  1. Amazing Architecture & Culture

Goa is a standing example of the rich Portuguese architecture and heritage. With a wide array of cathedrals and churches, and magnificent forts, Goa is sure to delight the history buff in you. Take a trip to Old Goa to see the other face of the city.

Goa is home to some of the most popular music festivals of the country. Book your tickets for the three-day Goa music festival held in February every year to catch the latest country music and watch your favourite musicians perform live.

Goa – The Undisputed Party Capital of India

With a wide array of activities suiting travellers of all ages, a visit to Goa is a great way to begin your new year on a positive note. Book your tickets, pack your bags, and don your party hat, for Goa beckons you with the trip of your lifetime!