For anyone applying for the post of a data analyst, it is anyhow supposed that the person holds certain expertise in Excel. There are few softwares that have stood the test of time as robustly as MS Excel. Professions from almost all fields use some amount of excel work in order to get the ends to meet. It is simple, efficient and effective.

However, the greater analytical power loaded in Excel is often overlooked and left unlearnt. These are the utilities which are considered advanced features of Excel, and to master them there is little or no way around an advanced Excel course.

The often neglected savior

Human beings have an inherent tendency of neglecting what lies in front of them. Most urban kids of our generation get some sort of training in computers from an early age, Excel is one of the main components of the basic course and we most likely never try to linger deeper into the subject. By the time we reach adulthood most of us forget all about it until we find out that it falls among the basic requirements for any job. If the job is that of an analyst’s Excel literally becomes the savior.

There are certain functions in Excel which are well suited for analytics work. And your employer would want you to be aware of these.

Charts, for instance, are important for expounding any mathematical idea. Good application of the charts can save you from a lot of confusion.

Text formulas help you fetch out certain data from within a large data scape. Whereas If formulas can aid in decision making.

Sort and filter functions come handy while grouping or segregating certain information. The same way SUMIF, Pivot tables etc. have their own unique ways of saving your time and providing you with a better visualization as well as internalisation of the facts.

It helps you learn other technologies faster

A thorough knowledge of advanced Excel functions can help you get used to other visualization tools like Tableau with greater ease. An advanced Excel course will not only make you a competent user of the tool itself but also boost your abilities to think analytically.

In the field of finance

It is well within the knowledge that the finance sector makes the most effective use of analytics in India. Excel can be a great tool to solve many of the problems related to finance, banking and taxation.

Thorough knowledge of Excel gives you an edge over peers who do not possess it. It is a blessing in its simplest form making our lives a bit easier – from managing daily schedule to reducing the uncertainty of a business deal. It is more profitable to explore rather than ignore MS Excel.