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Just a few years ago, the idea of ​​a hybrid-powered Ferrari was unimaginable. Nevertheless, the times are changing, and exotic-performance outdoor car cover manufacturers know that they too must develop greener engines if they want to keep up with market trends, and it’s not just Ferrari that is evolving in this area.

In the last six months, four exclusive, high-performance and financially unattainable cars have been unveiled. This is the next generation of dream cars and, as a sign of the new reality of the automotive industry, they are all powered by a hybrid engine. Do not think that being green damages the performance of these supercars.

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Ferrari LaFerrari

At the Geneva Motor Show 2013, Ferrari unveiled the car that would succeed the Ferrari Enzo and thus enthrall at the top of the Ferrari range. The Italian manufacturer has also given it a name that is just as unorthodox as it is difficult to pronounce during a conversation, the Ferrari LaFerrari.

The LaFerrari will be produced only 499 copies and is reserved for the best customers of Ferrari. They must also have an interview before having the right to spend the few 1.3 million Euros to get a LaFerrari. Being so selective, Ferrari makes sure that only true fans will be able to get the car while eliminating speculators wishing to take advantage of its exclusivity.

On the engine side, the Ferrari LaFerrari will be powered by an 800 horsepower V12 engine paired with two electric motors. The total power will be 963 horsepower and the 0-100 km / h will be shot in less than 3 seconds. LaFerrari will produce about 330 grams of CO2 per 100 kilometers.

McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 is an exotic plug-in hybrid car unveiled for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in 2012. It will be the most powerful, exclusive and expensive car in the range of the British manufacturer that also includes the MP4-12C.

The gasoline engine is a 3.8-liter V8 biturbo with 727 horsepower. The latter is paired with a 176 horsepower electric motor able to propel the car using only the energy of its lithium-ion battery over a distance of about 20 kilometers. Power will be connected to the rear wheels through a 7-speed DSG transmission. The McLaren P1 will be able to reach 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds.

Last month, McLaren announced it has sold 250 cars at a price of 866,000 to more than a million pounds. Production will begin in July.

Acura NSX

Acura has already announced that the Acura NSX would be produced at a brand new plant in Ohio and that the model will go on sale in 2015. Disappeared in 2005, the Acura NSX was recognized as one of the few reliable exotic cars. The new generation of the Japanese supercar will be powered by a centrally mounted V6 engine combined with an electric motor propelling the rear wheels. Two other electric motors will be able to distribute torque to each of the front wheels to improve handling.

For the moment, Acura has not revealed the power of the future NSX. However, the manufacturer says it will offer the performance of a V8 engine with the fuel economy of a four-cylinder engine. Not bad as a combination!

Porsche 918

Porsche unveiled the first official images of the future Porsche 918 and 918 Spyder just a few weeks ago. The car represents the next generation of Porsche’s flagship model, a title previously held by the Carrera GT.

The new 918 will be powered by a 608 horsepower V8 petrol engine paired with two electric motors for a total power of 887 horsepower. According to Porsche, the 918 will show a consumption of about 3.0 liters per 100 kilometers while being able to reach 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds. It will also be able to travel about 30 kilometers in electric mode and therefore without consuming a drop of fuel.

The Porsche 918 recently completed a lap on the Nürburgring’s North Loop in 7:14, faster than the Porsche Carrera GT. Proof that it is possible for a car to be ecological and efficient at the same time.

These four cars represent the future of exotic cars and will become in the next few years the most exclusive and desirable cars on the planet. The fact that manufacturers like Porsche and Ferrari have decided to turn to hybrid engines is also very encouraging for the future of the automobile. That being said, these 4 cars will be so little driven by their owners that their impact on the environment is negligible. But, we take them anyway!

The Acura NSX will be built in Ohio starting in 2015

Honda announced yesterday that the future Acura NSX Hybrid will be built at a brand new facility near Marysville, Ohio. This is the third Honda plant to open in Ohio. A $ 70 million investment will be needed to begin production of Acura’s next hybrid supercar.

The 184,000 square foot facility will be located within walking distance of the North American R & D center and a second Honda plant to produce the upcoming 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid . The production of the Acura NSX Hybrid will require the hiring of 100 employees.

The Acura NSX Hybrid was shown at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The car will be powered by a gasoline engine combined with 3 electric motors, two of which will be positioned on the rear axle. The NSX Hybrid will be an all-wheel-drive car and the first high-performance, environmentally friendly car.