If you are just starting with Euro Truck Simulator 2, it can help if you read some guides first so you will have a better understanding of what things are involved. With this, you can level up quickly.  Here are some tips you can consider to level up quickly:

Choose the right truck

You already know that the initial thing to do after Euro Truck Simulator 2 download is to create your profile. Keep in mind that most of the things here have no real impact except for “Preferred Truck Design”.

While playing, you will receive an in-game email from the nearest main dealer for the truck brand you selected. If you choose Volvo, you will find a dealer for your purchase easier. You will have choices but it is practical to consider Volvo as your first truck.

Configure your control

As soon as you completed your profile and picked the right truck, you will be asked to configure your controls. The configuration is basic so you will have no problems. Startup configuration typically involves pressing ESC to access the options menu so you can finish configuring.

Select your location conveniently

Remember that your start location does not really matter. This is because you are allowed to relocate in the future by moving your avatar driver. However, when you choose the location, you should ensure that it is a city where there is a truck dealer for the brand that you will use.

Do not miss the in-game tutorial

You need to make the most of in-game tutorial. This will give you an idea of the game interface.

Understand the different skill point assignment

When you play, you will gain levels. Keep in mind that every level up will give you a skill point. The skill point can be assigned to different skill sets, which can help you unlock new jobs. With this, it is important that you understand the different skill point assignments.

To help increase your rewards and cash, experts recommend skill point assignments like First four ranks of Long Distance, First rank of Fragile Cargo, First rank of High Value Cargo, Three classes of ADR, and many more.

Have a good start

Your first goal here is to get your own truck. Since you do not have a truck yet, you can only consider “Quick Jobs”. The best thing to do is to choose a job with the largest cash reward. When you are traveling, you should be on the lookout for the question mark sign on the map. With this, you will discover recruiting agencies as well as other truck dealers.

You should be patient. Perform quick jobs until you receive an in-game email from the bank and the truck dealer for your “Preferred Truck Design”. When this happens, you will be likely level 1 or 2.

Deliver freights

Now that you have a truck, you can select jobs from the “Freight Market” instead of the “Quick Jobs”. To do this, you can simply choose the city that you are in and then pick the job that gives you the best rewards. Your goal here is to do multiple jobs and wait to receive an email from the bank saying that they can expand your business.