When people got to know that juices can cleanse the body, the popularity of juice started to spread like wildfire. The obsession has gone to a level that there are so many juice bars like we used to have coffee shops before. Aloe Vera juice, fruit juice or vegetable mixed juices are so much hyped. But we do not know about the juice that well. If we ask any juice brand, we will know that there are a lot of processes involved in making juice. Pasteurization, cold pressing, and live enzymes are not common terms for us. So how do we understand which is best? Let us give you the best idea possible:

What is Pasteurized juice and is it good for us?

Pasteurization is generally the process of killing bacteria. To kill bacteria the juice company heats up the juice in a very high temperature. This system is maintained to prolong the lifespan of juice and work against bacteria. But the problem is that these juice have no enzymes, minerals, and nutrition. The pasteurization process destroys these nutrients. Cold-pressed juices benefits are there more than this pasteurized juice.

As it has no nutrient left, there is no way it can benefit our body. The sugar that these kinds of juice have been disguised with fructose and other junkies our body hates. To have the taste of the juice and to hydrate the body you can have it. But it is not a good option at all.

What is cold-pressed juice and is it better?

Cold-pressed juice is a process of making juice without the involvement of heat. Fruits are crushed in the first stage and then pressed in the highest form to squeeze all the juice from the pulp. The drink you get in this process is thick. Cold-pressed juice benefits our gut by detoxing it and gives time to heal.

This juice contains three to five times more than the natural juice you buy from the grocery store. It is packed with all the nutrients. There was no loss of nutrition in the process. No preservatives are used in here. But the problem is you cannot store the juice more than three days. You need to gulp it down, or it will form harmful bacteria that may cause a dangerous health problem.

What benefit does green juice provide?

Fresh vegetables are the best to have for our health. For taste, we do not always prefer having as many veggies as we need to have. A bowl of salad is not very appealing to have as well. So this cold-pressed juice does the job more comfortable for us. We get all the fruits and vegetables in a bottle that provides our needed nutrition. You do not need to feel grossed to eat broccoli again.

Cold pressed juice is best for detoxifying the gut. If you are all the time tired and your skin is not in the best condition then try it. It is going to change your skin if you maintain a good skincare regime as well.

But remember do not replace your whole food thinking that you are getting all the nutrition. You need fibers a lot to stimulate your digestion. Fibers are missing in this juice bottle. So keep on having whole food that contains fiber.

What to look for while buying cold-pressed green juice?

Follow the general rule of buying vegetables and fruits. Look for a natural and organic option that has no added sugar. Think about the purpose of the juice as well. Juice can be for a snack or meal. If you are taking it as a snack, drink it with some nuts. You will be getting nutrition and fibers at the same time.


After all these discussions we can jump into conclusion that cold-pressed juice is indeed better for us. If it’s not for the hype, its the excellent health benefit its provides makes it worth trying.