Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Amala Paul, RamyaSubrahmanian, Sri Ranjani, Vivekpraanna, etc.

Story, Screenplay & Direction:Ratna Kumar

Music: Pradeep Kumar

Cinematography: Vijay Karthik

Producers: RambabuKalluri, ViyMorafeneni


The movie “Aame ” released on 20th July 2019 in theatres worldwide.  Amala Paul played a character that Tamil heroines have never done before.  The movie “Aame” Although the movie ‘Aame’ is lady-oriented.  The concept was chosen by the director, Ratna Kumar’ taking, which is too good.  Most importantly, he managed to show every scene interestingly.  Director Ratnakumar also gave a good message to the society with this movie.

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We could not believe Actress Amala Paul’s appearance in the movie Aame, as she played many glamour roles before were completely different from the movie Aame.  The movie and the role are definitely milestones to her.  The original movie was made in Tamil as “Adai” and dubbed into Telugu as “Aame.”  The movie succeeds in both languages.

The main story revolves around a girl’s life.   Kamini (Amala Paul) who lives with self-respect and independent nature and making bets, having liquor, smoking, bike ridings, and late-night parties with friends.  In this sense, one day, she was shocked to find herself naked in an old building alone.  The story of Aame starts from this scene and will continue to find why the girl faced this situation.  What happened in the abandoned building, actually?  Why is she lying naked in that building?  What will place in the Climax?  The answers will reveal in the movie up to the Climax.

Top Reasons Why to Watch “Aame” movie:

  • South beautiful actress Amala Paul’ played the role of Kamini with heart and soul.
  • The movie is being run by Amalapal all over the movie; she bagged the whole credit of the movie’s success.
  • She appeared most of the time naked completely in the movie for the first time.
  • It can be said that Amala Paul showed her acting skills at peaks in this movie. Every scene in the movie is interesting.
  • The director showed Kamini’s lifestyle in the first half. The second half is wonderfully laid out, adding suspense to each scene.
  • Sri Ranjani, who played the role of the mother of the heroine, impressed the audience with her performance.
  • Ratnakumar’s chosen script is beyond lady-oriented. Even as a suspense thriller. Good social message.
  • Even if the music is not important in this film, good marks can be given to the background score.
  • Vijay Karthik’s cinematography made the audience eye lock to the movie.
  • The movie can be watched by the family audience also, which nudity of the heroine cannot cause inconvenience to the audience anymore because it being in the part of a situation only, but not in the vulgar sequence.

Finally: The movie must be watched at least once for the reasons forAmala Paul’s performance and some message to society.  I missed in theatres, no issues, it is available on OTT platform Aha now.

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