Hijab is one of the epitomes of Muslim ethnic wear. This is basically a piece of rectangular fabric that is folded and placed around your head that comes up to your shoulders. Your head is completely covered by hijab except for your face. You can wear it with abaya or any other type of modest dresses. When you look for the best hijab stores online, you should shortlist your choice on the basis of the fabric. Wearing a hijab is not enough; you should look for a fabric that enhances your sophisticated look and also your entire personality. Based on the present fashion trends, there are certain types of hijab fabric that you can buy anytime. Read on to know more-

  1. Chiffon

This is one of the most common fabrics to be used for hijab. Chiffon is mainly the combination of cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers. Usually, chiffon is absolutely lightweight and flowing and you can control it easily. Chiffon hijabs are available in various colors, but you can choose the pastel shades as that makes you look more elegant.

  1. Cotton

If you want to pick any natural fabric, there is nothing better than cotton. This is quite light and breathable fabric that is perfect for hot summer days. Besides that, cotton hijabs are not that much pricy and they are available in the various size, colors, and patterns. Also, maintaining this hijab is easy as you can hand wash it and iron at home. There are certain varieties of cotton are also available, like jersey, chambray, linen, etc. The blended fabric of these fibers is also comfortable enough.

  1. Silk

There are lots of women who love to wear silk hijab as that looks stylish and sophisticated. Besides that, it is easy to manage and comfortable too. Different colors and patterns are also available in this fabric.

  1. Viscose Rayon

If you are looking for a hijab material for summer, you can go for viscose rayon. It is a loosely woven material that is breathable like cotton and also absorbs moisture. Therefore, it can absorb sweat and makes you feel fresh on hot summer days. This is also inexpensive and wrinkle-free material you can buy. It is true that sometimes it may snag due to losing weaving, but that won’t be a problem. This is also easily available at any online or retail shop.

  1. Polyester

If you want to add glamour to your look, buy polyester hijab. This looks beautiful and you can maintain it easily. But, this is not a comfortable wear for hot weather. Besides, making of polyester is quite complicated and that’s why it is not always available. You can go for polyester georgette that is completely different than original polyester, but comfortable at any season.

These are certain fabric material for hijab that is available while looking for cheap hijab online. Apart from these materials, there are other types of fabrics, like hycon, linen, jersey, knitted hijab, etc. Pick the one that suits you and look elegant.