Today, if the playgrounds need to be seen full of children than it should have modern and variety of equipment in it as this is what children demand. Creative Play a children playground equipment manufacturer produces new and creative equipment that are modern, safe, and reliable. It operates from Chester, UK and is serving in this business from the year  1991.

Creative Play has created more than 10000 playground and parks so far. It looks after product design, manufacturing, installation, and after service of the equipment to make the playground a place for safe enjoyment. Safety is the priority for Creative Play, Every material used in manufacturing has no harm to a child’s life and is as per the requirement of BSEN1176. The materials used are also reliable, Creative play gives a guarantee of at least 15 years on their materials. It offers around 500 product designs and working to increase this number so that no client is left unsatisfied. There are various types of children playground equipments manufactured under different categories. Let us see some of the Creative Play equipment below

  • Trim Trails

Below are some Trim trails

Individual Trim Trail: On individual trim trail only single activity can be performed and it requires a lesser amount of space. The Price starts at euro 998.

Adventure trail: It covers a line of adventures activities which needs a bigger space to install. The trail price starts at euro 2798

 Trail packages; It consists of various adventures trails such as Hudson, Yukon, Potomac, Chattahoochee, Mississippi, and Rio Grand trail. The price starts at euro 2793

2) Play Towers

Below are some commonly equipped play towers

Jigsaw tower: it is a single tower having a slide attached. It is suitable for children from the age group of 6-9. Delphi and Helvellyn are some examples of Jigsaw tower.

Zenith Towers: These towers are big in size, mostly 2 or 3 towers are attached to one another. The price starts at euro 4985

3) Climbing Activities

Below listed are some climbing activity equipments

Climbing Frames: This activity is suitable for the age group of 10-15. Dee climbing and Derwent Climbing frame are examples of Climbing frames.The price starts at euro 2998

Jungle Climbers: These equipments are suitable for the children of the age 14-18. Jungle climber mini and jungle climber midi comes under jungle climbers.

4) Sensory Play

Sand Play: It consists of equipments that give the joy of playing in the sand. Messy Play Table and Mud kitchen mini are two examples of sand play. The price starts at euro 398.

5) Imaginative play

Imaginative play consists of ships, vehicles, playhouses, and activity play boards. These are suitable for the age group of 2-4. The price starts at euro 7987.

6) PlayGround Marking 

This activity consists of education, mazes, board games etc which helps to sharpen a child’s mind.

7) Swings, springs and Spinners 

These are most commonly equipped in every playground. It is suitable for the age group of 5 and above. Prices start at euro 1254.

8) Outdoor Sports Equipments 

These consists of gym equipment, sports marking and many more. These are best for the age group of 15 and above. The price starts at euro 2450.

Check and select your equipments to create your playground.