A certification from the Cisco is one of the most highly esteemed credential for any professional in the IT or networking field. It brings along with it increased salary benefits, recognition as a knowledgeable personnel, and provides you a good understanding of networking. There are different tracks of this certification, and each one of them has different advantages. It is usually found that the tracks belonging to the routing and switching line are more beneficial over the rest and one such certification is the CCIE security V5 certification.

This CCIE Security V5 certification is highly beneficial now-a-days as large firms are facing increased issues of threats each day. Here, the threats not only means the viral attacks but also some of the sophisticated cyber attacks specially developed and mounted against the specific firm. Attacks when they are aimed to cover over a large number of firms can be easily detected. But, when they have a single target, the threat is quite serious and is difficult to spot. Hence, big firms are these days tightening their security levels and are willing to allot a higher budget for increasing their IT security. They are on the lookout for qualified personnel with this type of CCIE Security V5 certifications who can defend their firm online.

An increasing demand in this field for such personnel has been found in recent days. Similarly, the demand for the professionals with this type of certification also increases in future.  The payment is also higher for these professionals than for those personnel from other lines. Cisco offers certification for security for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE, which means if you want to go for CCIE Security you can.

Topics included in CCIE V5 exam

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Virtualization
  • Automation
  • Information Exchange
  • Evolving Technologies
  • Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention
  • Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security
  • Secure Connectivity and Segmentation
  • Identity Management , Information Exchange and Access
  • Infrastructure Security, Virtualization and Automation
  • Evolving Technologies

These are some of the important topics that one must have to concentrate for the CCIE Security V5 exam.