A personal injury attorney is a lawyer that represents the client for injury compensation. You need a personal injury attorney if you have been seriously injured, lost your family member or recovering your health. Wetzel Law is an old firm started in 1979 and it provides the best attorney in gulfport ms.

All our team members are born here which is a plus point and they are very hard working and trustworthy. We have a long list of satisfied and happy clients in Mississippi Gulf Coast. We mainly deal in personal injury law and we help people by taking legal and appropriate action for their compensation requirement. We have resolved many trauma or personal accidental cases and ensure fair and maximum possible compensation. We cover accidents including car, boat, bicycle, slip and fall accidents and truck accidents.

Wetzel Law is a reputed firm and we let you focus on healing as we take care of the legal matter. Most of the citizens are protected by worker’s compensation law with a few exceptions. All the employers having more than five regular employees have to provide worker’s compensation insurance coverage. But if the employees are less than five then insurance policy is not mandatory. This law does not cover domestic and farm laborers, employees of a NGO or a religious/cultural organization but the employer may provide the insurance coverage voluntarily. This law is also not applicable to federal employees and transportation and maritime employments covered by federal compensation laws. Independent contractors are also excluded from the coverage. You can call us to know whether you are covered under worker’s compensation or not.

If you come under the worker’s compensation law then you are eligible for the benefits from the starting of your employment. It is found that many people want to settle the matter in short time so they do not want a professional representative. But they feel many legal difficulties later. Our attorney in Gulfport ms ensures the full and fair compensation. We will provide an honest evaluation after listening the facts very carefully. After taking the case in hand we will perform an investigation of the case and examine the police report, witness statement and accident scene. In order to have a clear understanding of the case we work with industry engineers, medical professionals and accident reconstructionists. Your compensation is based on the impact of injuries on your life. We take our fee after your collection from the person responsible for the accident.