Benefits of Using Outdoor Walkers For Seniors Walker – Get Help When Needed

Rollators and walkers are around for many years now. They both have done a lot of wonders for the people who would like to maintain a free and independent lifestyle but want extra help when getting around.

Who Requires Help of a Walker?

Increasingly, seniors would like to stay more in their home and often they live alone. Many have got conditions like back and hip problems, severe breathing conditions and arthritis that inhibit their capability to walk as well as limit their balance and endurance. This doesn’t mean that you will not find seniors in the assisted living residences or nursing homes who make use of rollator or walker. They probably are more very common in these places and even then, the walker or rollator can prolong their independence.

What’s the Walker?

Walker is one kind of mobility help used for assisting people who can still walk (for example do not need wheelchair) yet want assistance. This is a 4 legged frame, which allows an individual to lean on for support, balance, and rest. The walkers are generally made from aluminum so they’re very light to pick and move easily. Often they have good comfort grips that are made from gel, foam, and rubber that will enhance user’s comfort. Tips of these legs are generally covered with the rubber caps made to prevent any slipping as well as improve the stability.

outdoor walkers for seniors

Different Types of Walkers

There’re different types of the outdoor walkers for seniors that you must be totally aware of before making your purchase. Here’s the list of some common kinds of walkers all along with the important points, which make them very different. It must be noted that some features aren’t exclusive of one another. For instance, you will get the “folding walker” with the “height-adjustability” already included.

  1. Folding Walkers

The folding walkers are walkers that are easily folded for transport.

  1. Rise Assistance Walker

There’re the walkers in the market that have got front handle, which slopes lower on user’s side. Whenever seated in the chair or on edge of the bed, user will reach the lower part of the handle as well as use this for leverage and pull them up.

  1. Height Adjustable Walkers

These walkers have various pins and buttons that are easily pressed to adjust or set height of a walker so handles will fit you rightly.

  1. Front Wheels Walker

You also can find the walker (folding and height-adjustable), which has the wheel on their front legs. Purpose of these wheels is helping you to maneuver over the difficult terrain. Majority of the designs have got 5inch of wheels.

  1. Hemi Walkers

The hemi walker allows user to lean at one side to get support. It’s made for the people with very little and no dexterity in an arm and hand. As it looks very much like a walker, this makes sense it’s half of the weight of folding walker. The hemi walkers are been considered very stable than the cane, so certainly they have their niche.