Athletes have a lot of stamina to make the most of their strength. They scale new highs with such power and earn a lot of reputation and accolades. One such athlete is Tiger Woods who has by far been the best golfer of the world. He has proved his wort in the past and has gained the respect he has today in the field of sports. But with so much respect and goodwill comes a lot of responsibility and scrutiny where the sports authorities drill down deep into the regime of the sportsperson and find out if anything fowl has been a part of their curriculum. Tiger Woods has also been in one such allegation. You can find out more about the issue in detail at the given link

Details of the incident

The incident got a lot of mileage due to the alleged link ups of the athlete with many unknown personalities and was also blown out of proportion. It made a lot of personal life story public including the divorce of him with then wife Elin Nordegren. Before the incident took place, Tiger had a reputation of one of the best players in the history of golf and that he was a naturally gifted athlete and that could not be denied. He has been one of the highest paid athletes and was a well-known name in the field of golf and other sports. Read more about Tiger Woods at . He has scored all odds out with his track record where he won the PGA Tours seventy-nine times along with many awards and accolades to become the number one player in golf. He was the second in the list of most number of PGA Tours won by any player. But the truth is that all these accolades and his reputation went for a toss when the PED allegations were pressed upon him.

Allegations of Tiger Woods Steroids

Tiger Woods had connections with Anthony Galea and as he was arrested in the year 2009 for carrying the human growth hormone called Actovegin in Toronto but he came off as no charges were pressed upon him. Hi connection was dated to the medical condition Woods was in and had reportedly spent a huge amount to be treated. He was involved in the case but nothing could be proved until he met with an injury when Dan Oslen made the statement that he consumed steroids. In his interview on the Radio Dan confirmed that Woods consumed PEDs and this was the reason he was suspended for a month during his career. But all this was directly connected with the link from Galea when he was being treated. Human Growth Hormone is a natural hormone which is developed in the body and helps to provide strength. If it is consumed artificially it gives immense strength to the person to achieve the odds that are otherwise impossible. However, it is not considered as a steroid and can be used medically. But it is banned in the USA.