We all love to have long and thick hair. But it is not possible sometimes. It is found that women around the world spend a lot of money to keep their hair in good condition, Still sometimes one desires to have a long, non-greasy, manageable and most importantly voluminous hair. Now there is a very simple solution available for these. They are known as extensions for hair. They are just like our natural hair and are really simple to put. Just one clip and you are ready to go. In fact, it is so hassle-free that one does not even need any professional help. It can be put up easily at home. This gives one chance to experiment with their looks. They are becoming increasingly popular these days as more number of women is becoming aware of this thing. They are using these in their day to day like to look different each day.

Clip in one piece type:

Above we discussed how one can get a complete makeover by simply using this. The easiest way is using the one which is having clips. They contain simple clips which are attached to your natural hair. They do not cause any damage to your existing locks. The procedure does not involve any sewing or sticking glue. It has the simple methodology of putting clips wherever one requires. The extension can be in the front on the forehead or back. It can also run all along your head. Thus depending on the type of look one is looking for, one can attach them. They provide the privilege for short hair people to have longer locks. If someone’s hair is very scanty then they can make it look thick by using these. So it is a boon for modern day women to get a fresh look every day. Today one need not wait for months to wait for their hair to grow. The change can be achieved in minutes. Thus these are extremely convenient without any hassles. They can be attached and removed within seconds.

Different types of extensions for hair:

Extensions for hair are of different types depending on the material used to make them, the type of method used to fix them and the way they are weaved together.

All these determine the kind which can be used for a particular person. The types can be on the basis on the material used which can be either synthetic or 100 % natural human hair. Both are different and have their pros and cons. So select the one that suits you the best and make decision wisely.

The type of weaving method used also can be different like single clip on or pre bonded or tape hair or micro link extensions.

  1. The most important thing to know is what a person is looking for? If one intends to increase the length of the actual hair then they must go for long single clip ones. They would definitely increase the length. One can also increase the volume to the actual hair. To get this look different type is available. So be sure of the kind of hairstyle you want, then, consider buying the most appropriate one.
  2. So always before buying one make sure it suits your hair and complements it. If one has streaks or highlighted hair, then go for the extension with similar color streaking. This will blend beautifully with the natural hair and there will be no difference. It should give a natural look and should not look like a wig or an attachment.

Get it long

Having long and beautiful hair is every woman’s dream. We envy people who have long hair and we always wish that we could also have them. Tried every way and technique and after all that also we don’t see any result of our hair growing that long. But thanks to the advancement in technologies and creations, some amazing products have emerged to meet our requirements and needs. So for people who always have urged for that long and beautiful hair, extensions for hair are the solution. So now if you have short hair you can use these extensions for hair and the desired look.